Voodoo Comedy Playhouse Code Of Conduct


Our Mission Statement

The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse is a dedicated comedy and improv theater and bar located in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is threefold: to provide high-quality and diverse show offerings that exemplify the amazing Colorado comedy and improv communities; to offer professional-grade comedy and improv classes and workshops that enhance the skills and visibility of our performers; and to open our doors to the Colorado comedy and improv communities as a unique all-inclusive gathering space where all types of performers can grow and flourish.

Respect, Integrity, Professionalism
The Voodoo is a place where all different types of improv and comedy can coexist and benefit from each other. We're so glad you're here! All performers, students, instructors, and coaches must follow the guiding principles of Respect, Integrity, and Professionalism. Show respect to your teammates, classmates, instructors, and coaches, both onstage and offstage. Refrain from racism, sexism, and stereotypes/caricatures when performing. Encourage a culture of acceptance and radical inclusion. When we ALL support each other and make each other look good, we ALL win!

Harassment & Incident Reporting
If you experience any type of misconduct (disrespect, harassment, abuse, assault, etc.), or if you witness misconduct taking place, please CLICK HERE to visit Lighthouse Services, our 100% anonymous reporting service, and file a report. You can also call 844-420-0044 to place a report via phone. All Voodoo management, staff, instructors, performers, and students are subject to these policies, and all reports are taken seriously and dealt with quickly.

Hey, we know things can get heated when you're improvising. And it might be tempting to ask that person out, but it also makes things unclear and potentially harmful. Any individuals that are in a direct relationship with each other, such as current students & instructors or current coaches & performers, are expressly forbidden from dating.

Attendance for Classes & Rehearsals
Improv isn't the only thing in life, but if you are participating in a class or team at the Voodoo, it should be important to you.

Students currently attending classes must be present for at least 6 out of 8 classes in a session to be able to participate in the Student Showcase and move forward to the next level. If a student is held back, they are eligible to retake the current level at half price.

Current house teams must rehearse at least 2 times a month, and house team performers must attend at least 1 rehearsal a month. Failure to uphold this standard may result in removal from the team.