Theater Access Procedures

So You'd Like Access To The Theater During Off Hours?

Many people and groups need access to the Voodoo during off hours or on weekends. To get in when you have a rehearsal or class, follow the below steps and you'll have access when you need it!

  1. First and foremost, ensure your rehearsal/class is listed on the official Voodoo calendar at If your event isn't listed, email to inquire about it.
  2. When you arrive at the theater, call/text the folks listed to the right in the order they are listed and the theater will be unlocked and the alarm will be turned off for you. It may take a few minutes for management to get back to you, so arrive early and give our team members a few minutes to get back to you. Again, contact the management team only in the order listed!
  3. If for whatever reason the remote unlock procedure fails, the management team will give you instructions on how to manually unlock the door and disable the alarm.
  4. Here are instructions turning on and off the stage lights.
Please email with any questions. Thanks so much!
Natalie Sasso, Bar Manager
(303) 842-4158 •

Frank Haas, Technical Director
(720) 254-4040 •

Paula Lee, Social Manager
(303) 875-6585 •

Steve Wilder, Owner/Artistic Director
(303) 900-2123 •