Terms, Conditions, & Policies

Voodoo Comedy Audience Watching

Our Mission Statement

Voodoo Comedy is a dedicated comedy and improv theater and bar located in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is threefold: to provide high-quality and diverse show offerings that exemplify the amazing Colorado comedy and improv communities; to offer professional-grade comedy and improv classes and workshops that enhance the skills and visibility of our performers; and to open our doors to the Colorado comedy and improv communities as a unique all-inclusive gathering space where all types of performers can grow and flourish.

Terms & Conditions

Age Requirement
All shows at Voodoo Comedy are 18+ before 10:00 PM, and 21+ after 10:00 PM.  Valid ID is required.

Disruption/Intoxication Policy
We have a full bar available that opens at least 30 minutes before the first show of the night.  If any guests in your party arrive at the theater visibly intoxicated, or become visibly intoxicated or overly disruptive during the show itself, Voodoo Comedy reserves the right to refuse service to those guests and/or ask those guests to leave the show without a refund of monies paid.

Show Refund/Rescheduling Policy
Once your purchase/reservation is complete, Voodoo Comedy does not offer partial or full refunds of show tickets or packages. All sales are final and non transferrable.

Class/Workshop Refund/Rescheduling Policy
We do NOT offer refunds for purchased classes (unless the class is canceled by the theater). Students who drop out before the class begins are entitled to a credit for a future class, pending availability. Students who drop out of a class after it begins are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Class sizes are limited. Enrollment is dependent upon availability. If a class fills up you will be promptly contacted with other enrollment options. For enrolled students, a confirmation welcome email will be sent 3 days before the start of the first class.

Student & Performer Bill Of Rights

You have the right:

  • To be and feel safe during classes, rehearsals, and performances.
  • To set boundaries regarding physical contact and subject matter that might trigger a negative emotional response. You have the right to dictate what kind of physical touch you receive.
  • To immediately step out of any scene, performance, rehearsal or class in which you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. And you have the right to excuse yourself from any scene, performance, or exercise without explanation.
  • To inform your teacher or coach of anything you want them to know ahead of time, such as physical or emotional conditions that might make playing certain games difficult or uncomfortably challenging.
  • To speak to any teacher, staff member, adviser, owner, or any other representative of Voodoo Comedy Playhouse regarding behavior by any person that you feel infringes on your rights.
  • To turn down a suggestion from an audience/teacher/fellow student you feel is demeaning.
  • To define what feels fun and what feels comfortable (and uncomfortable) for you without judgment from others.
  • To fail, to succeed, to explore.
  • To love your work!

Exercising any of these rights will not adversely affect your ability to progress in classes, to be cast in house teams, or to be booked for shows.

Click HERE to download a PDF version of this Bill Of Rights!

Harassment & Offensive Behavior Policy

Under no circumstances should a teacher, show director, coach – or any other individual – demand or expect any physical interest from you in exchange for opportunities or anything else. (Certainly there are plenty of examples of improvisers in relationships successfully working together – that’s not a concern. The issue here is use/abuse of power in unfair treatment of others.)

Under no circumstances should you be expected to tolerate unwelcome sexual attention or advances from other students or performers, whether that happens inside or outside class, online, via text, or any other method. While there are limits to what we can help with outside the walls of our classrooms and theater, we ask you to advise us as situations arise so that we can address them to the best of our ability and identify patterns.

Under no circumstances should you continue with a scene that makes you feel physically or emotionally unsafe. We encourage you to leave or end a scene by whatever means works in the moment and to address the issue backstage following the performance (preferably as soon as practicable). We further recommend that individuals bring up issues in the presence of the entire cast and director/coach, if possible. These issues are not between individuals, they affect the entire group, and the entire group should support the conversation. Failure to support a member of the group in expressing concerns about their emotional and physical safety may indicate a much larger problem with the cast/group.

We care very much about fostering a safe and healthy environment at Voodoo Comedy. We do not believe in “good” versus “bad” people – it is behavior that needs to be identified and addressed. Depending on the severity of the issue, our primary goal will be to point out the problem and provide a clear path/guidelines for making needed changes. In cases of physical endangerment, unlawful behavior or repeat offenses, we will take stronger measures as we are legally able, up to and including termination of teachers or staff, discontinuing a student’s classes, and/or removing a performer’s privilege to appear on our stage. Also possible are a time-limited probation and/or complete banning from the theater.

Click HERE to download a PDF of our full Safe Environment & Harassment Policy!

Harassment & Incident Reporting

We have an anonymous reporting system in place to help make Voodoo Comedy a safe place for all of you. We have a two-part system: 1. Lighthouse Communications and 2. An HR Consultant of 30 years, Ann Hogan. If you choose to report an incident, please follow these steps.


Contact our anonymous reporting service, Lighthouse Communications. When you file a report, it is completely anonymous and the report is sent to our HR Consultant Ann Hogan, Artistic Director/Co-Owner Josh Nicols, and General Manager/Co-Owner Nick Armstrong. There are multiple ways to report an incident:

  1. Phone: 844.420.0044
  2. Web: ​www.lighthouse-services.com/voodoocomedy
  3. E-mail: ​[email protected]


Once the report is made to Lighthouse Communications it is emailed to Voodoo Comedy’s General Manager Nick Armstrong, Artistic Director Josh Nicols, and our HR Consultant Ann Hogan. If Nick or Josh are mentioned in any report, the report will only go to our outside HR consultant Ann Hogan. All reports are confidential and the identity of the caller will remain anonymous unless you provide your name in the report, which is up to you. However, it is our policy that the aforementioned management and HR keep your information secure. It is our policy that we will not retaliate in any way and/or divulge your name in public for reporting. Each report has a PIN number which allows us to contact you anonymously without knowing your email address. If we have further questions, Ann Hogan may reach out to you via the PIN number, which sends the email through Lighthouse Communications and protects your anonymity.

Examples of incidents you may report:

  1. Ethical Violations
  2. Wrongful Discharge
  3. Unsafe Work Conditions
  4. Internal Controls
  5. Quality of Service
  6. Vandalism and Sabotage
  7. Improper Conduct
  8. Discrimination
  9. Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  10. Threats
  11. Fraud
  12. Conflict of Interests
  13. Misuse of Company Property
  14. Theft and Embezzlement
  15. Violation of Company Policies
  16. Violation of the Law