Sweet Karmel

Once again I was browsin’ ’round the vicious candyland called the world wide web for a laugh because my co-workers just weren’t cutting it. I mean I made them laugh, why can’t I get something funny in return…? Not to worry though because I stumbled upon this some sweet Karmel. Ian that is. I found out about him from Conan of course. When a guy does great on a late night show spot it’s always good to see. Many comics have said it’s hard to get the crowd on your side in such a short period of time, but Ian didn’t seem to have a problem with it in these spots. Earlier this month Ian released his debut comedy album “9.2 on Pitchfork” which you can get on Amazon Mp3, or get in on cd or even Vinyl here! I love vinyl. Apparently he lived with the one and only Ron Funches who plays a role in this clip from Conan.There is a part 1 and 2.

Here is a hilarious bit from his new special:

I like this guy a lot. It looks like his only listed shows are in Portland. I do find it pretty awesome though that a music label is putting out comedian records: Kill Rock Stars!

What’s Craig Up To?

Craig Ferguson! What’s the old Scotsmans been up to? Well he’s been hosting a game show entitled “Celebrity Name Game” in which celebrities try to get people to say words. Here’s a clip:

Lucky for us all Craig has never stopped doing standup, which he explains in this interview from earlier this month:

Craig has announced an extensive stand up tour, which I am happy about. I was also sad because I saw that his only western US dates were in California. So if you live in or near any of these states he’s touring in, go check it out. Here is a clip from his Grammy nominated Album “I’m Here to Help”.

Happy to see he’s touring, maybe I’ll quit my day job and tour with him.

-KJ Willy


Recent Conan Spots

The Conan O Brien show is a classic spot to be introduced to some new stand up comedy. It seems like he has way more comics than any other Late Night guys, I could be wrong but, whatever, Conan’s the best anyway.

Marina talks about relationships:

Sam talks about what we should be teaching kids and his relationship with his phone.

Maggie talks about her style and racism.

Hope you enjoyed some of this, and Keep Conan on!

-KJ Willy


There are many many hilarious Italian folks in comedy, and a very funny one I just discovered is a guy named Sebastian Maniscalco. He says he’s half Italian half Sicilian. I watched his whole special the other day when I should have been doing something else simply because I could not stop watching. He doesn’t really talk that much about being Italian, but everything he talks about is absolutely hilarious, got great stage presence. Here’s the special I watched:


Anytime anyone sits down with the great Joey Diaz it’s always a great listen. Here’s Sebastian on an episode of “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

Sebastian’s latest special was only released a few month’s ago in November 2014. It’s called “Aren’t You Embarassed” and was filmed in Chicago, his hometown. Here’s a snippet of it, I haven’t seen this one but I plan on buying it.

Check out his tour page and see if he’s coming to your town!

-KJ Willy

Laugh Factory Snippets

Every once in awhile I go through the absolutely massive database of laugh factory clips of all the different comedians who perform there. You could watch their channel for hours and hours. Today I decided to pick a few for this post that I found enjoyable, so, enjoy!

Dan talks about his past experience as a teacher:

Greg talks about his kids think they are cool.

Esau McGraw talks about his young uncle.

Hope you laughed!

-KJ Willy

Judy Gold(en)!

It amazes me that after seeing hundreds and hundreds of videos of different comedians I’ve never heard of I can still come across someone who has been doing it for a long time and I’ve never heard of them. That’s what happened today. I clicked on a Youtube clip of a comic that I’ve heard many times and was listening to it, doing something else on the other side of the room.  Now that Youtube just plays random related videos now after everything you watch, this playlist came on:

Judy Gold! After listening to these clips I was lookin around and found she released a live cd in 2004 I then realized she has been at it for awhile. She hasn’t released a live album in quite some time, but according to her calendar she is still out there entertaining folks.

Judy co-wrote a book with Kate Moira Ryan  called 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother. They interviewed 50 other Jewish mothers and asked them all the same 25 questions and the answers mixed with Judy’s own experiences are what the book consists of. She does a one woman show based off of the book as well and it looks like she’ll be doing that in Toronto this year.

On May 5th of this year Judy started a podcast called “Kill Me Now”. Here’s a descriptive quote from her website: “ Since Judy always seems to be pissed-off about something, she thought why not interview celebrities about what makes them angry – from the extraordinary to the mundane.” The latest episode’s (Episode 10) guest was none other than Artie Lange, check it all out here: Kill Me Now with Judy Gold

-KJ Willy



Chris Rock. Please Come on Stage.

Chris Rock, one of the greatest stand up acts of all time, reportedly worth around $70 million because of the genius comedic adventures over time, is fifty years old. Wtf. What happened to the years?? Should we be worried about Chris? His 50th year on this planet is kind of mysterious. He does still regularly post to twitter but other than that I’m not sure what he’s doing. What makes it even weirder is this from his wikipedia page. “Rock is a vocal critic of racial profiling and often speaks of the everyday racism he experiences, despite being famous. In a 2013 episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, Rock and Seinfeld are pulled over by the police for speeding. In the episode Rock admits to Seinfeld that “If you weren’t here, I’d be scared. Yeah, I’m famous – still black.” In 2015, Rock was pulled over three times in the first three months. Each time Rock posted a selfie of the incident, so far without further comment”. I’m not saying it’s weird for him to be racially profiled, I’m saying it’s weird that he’s kinda been quiet this year. I want him to be loud. Chris Rock loud. Here’s the episode with Jerry, they get pulled over at 13:57:

“Kids Need Bullying”

Believe it or not, some people have not seen Chris Rock’s specials. If you are one of those people it is time for you to catch up. Like right now.

Here is his very first special on HBO entitled “Big Ass Jokes” from 1994.


Second Special “Bring the Pain” from 1996.

Third Special “Bigger and Blacker” from 1999.


Fourth Special”Never Scared” from 2004. (Could only find a playlist of this one that doesn’t contain all material)

Fifth Special “Kill the Messenger” from 2008. It’s a mashup from three different locations.


So here’s to hoping he comes out and records his next special very soon, cause we need more of this.

-KJ Willy

Joey Diaz – Real s***!

Joey Diaz is a Cuban American (born in Havana) who grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey. On his website BIO, it explains how when he was in a Denver, CO correctional facility in 1988, he would do standup between the movies they would watch. That’s when he realized he had what it takes. The thing that stands out about Joey Diaz is his storytelling. The way the audience is engaged at a a Joey “Coco” Diaz show is like no other. He tells them very well and very real. There is no shortage of stories and it doesn’t seem like there ever will be. He hosts his own podcast as well entitled “The Church of What’s Happening Now”. He has had acting parts in “Grudge Match” and “Taxi”.

Comedy Central premiered a show called “This Is Not Happening” on January 22nd of this year, hosted by another stand-up comic Ari Shaffir. This show is the perfect platform for Joey Diaz: a bunch of comics telling true stories. Joey has been on the show 3 times already because of his infectious style and stories. When you listen to Joey you experience a range of emotions, not just laughter.

In this story Joey talks about his mother’s friend and life lessons.

This story is about a fight in the streets of New York.

In closing Joey talks about the effects of Heroin.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed these, and learned something too.

-KJ Willy

Ron White: The Best of Blue Collar

A lot of folks do not know who Ron White is. I believe everyone should need to know about Ron White, even if they decide they don’t like him. I believe he is the very best comedian to be involved with the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour“. The tour began in 2000 and ended in 2006! Ron took part in the tour from 2000 to 2003. I don’t want to do a seventh grade book report on Ron, for that check out his wikipedia page. I do however want to show you or talk about some cool things. For example, in 2010 he and his producer Michael Blakey created a music/comedy label called Organica Music Group”. OMG is quite impressive from their client list to their partners. I mean Gabriel Iglesias and the Beach Boys? Come on.


Since Robin Williams passed away all sorts of people including comedians have brought to public their Robin Williams story. Ron met Robin for two hours and never saw him after that, listen to this story that a lot of people have never heard. Maybe get a tissue.


So now let’s listen to some comedy since I made you tear up, sorry about that but it has to be heard. ::EXPLICIT LANGUAGE:: (this clip is kind of quiet)


Here’s a little more for ya. ::Explicit::


As soon as you see Ron, instant classic you’ll want to check it all out. He has recorded 6 Projects besides the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Two are cd’s, two are DVD’s, and two are DVD+CD combos. Also you can join the “Rontourage” fan club.

Be well friends,

-KJ Willy