Whitney’s Wit

Whitney Cummings, classic roaster and stand up comedian, has a new special coming out in January. Can we call her a powerhouse? The special is called “I’m Your Girlfriend” and is showing on HBO on January 23rd so mark it. While we wait we can watch some clips from her last 2 specials. After that we can learn some things about Whitney that we didn’t know.

Here’s a couple clips from her latest special entitled “I Love You”.

You can get the full version from Comedy Central.

Her first special was audio only and was called “Emotional Ninja”. Here is a hilarious clip about women’s secrets!

To fill some more time while you’re at work doing nothing, you can learn some new things about Whitney by watching the latest Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Hope you enjoyed!

-KJ Willy

Jeff Ross Went to Jail!

I recently saw  a 2 hour and 20 minute Joe Rogan Experiment Podcast featuring none other than the Roastmaster himself. He’s known as the Roastmaster of course because he’s been on so many of the “Comedy Central’s Roast of” shows and usually delivers the goods. Jeff has got some new things happenin’ and I think he deserves the attention so let’s check it out.

He just had a comedy special air on Comedy Central entitled “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live from Brazos County Jail”. which I HAVE NOT SEEN!!! Wtf. I will see it soon though. Here’s the trailer:

Man I can’t wait to see that special. He also announced on the JRE podcast that he will be playing a part in this years season of “Kingdom”On the Audience network you can watch the trailer here.

Don’t forget to watch the JRE podcast, they are always good. He tells an awesome story about getting Mel Brooks to meet his uncle.

-KJ Willy