Dave Attell’s newest special has been available on Netflix for over two months! Check that S*** out! You can go to his website to check out some clips. Also if you are in or near one of these places, go see him!

Dave is now 50, and has been an active comic since 1988!

Here’s a Comedy Central half hour special from 1996.

Dave has a wild style that is unique to him, here’s some standup from 1999, there’s a couple similarities.

Here’s a recent Conan Clip, Attell Looks good!

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford real TV and can watch Comedy Central, you might have caught Dave hosting “Comedy Underground” an uncensored multiple comic stand up show. If you’re like me you have to just watch clips from the show. So you can do that here.


-KJ Willy

Jeff Ross Went to Jail!

I recently saw  a 2 hour and 20 minute Joe Rogan Experiment Podcast featuring none other than the Roastmaster himself. He’s known as the Roastmaster of course because he’s been on so many of the “Comedy Central’s Roast of” shows and usually delivers the goods. Jeff has got some new things happenin’ and I think he deserves the attention so let’s check it out.

He just had a comedy special air on Comedy Central entitled “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live from Brazos County Jail”. which I HAVE NOT SEEN!!! Wtf. I will see it soon though. Here’s the trailer:

Man I can’t wait to see that special. He also announced on the JRE podcast that he will be playing a part in this years season of “Kingdom”On the Audience network you can watch the trailer here.

Don’t forget to watch the JRE podcast, they are always good. He tells an awesome story about getting Mel Brooks to meet his uncle.

-KJ Willy