Chris Rock. Please Come on Stage.

Chris Rock, one of the greatest stand up acts of all time, reportedly worth around $70 million because of the genius comedic adventures over time, is fifty years old. Wtf. What happened to the years?? Should we be worried about Chris? His 50th year on this planet is kind of mysterious. He does still regularly post to twitter but other than that I’m not sure what he’s doing. What makes it even weirder is this from his wikipedia page. “Rock is a vocal critic of racial profiling and often speaks of the everyday racism he experiences, despite being famous. In a 2013 episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, Rock and Seinfeld are pulled over by the police for speeding. In the episode Rock admits to Seinfeld that “If you weren’t here, I’d be scared. Yeah, I’m famous – still black.” In 2015, Rock was pulled over three times in the first three months. Each time Rock posted a selfie of the incident, so far without further comment”. I’m not saying it’s weird for him to be racially profiled, I’m saying it’s weird that he’s kinda been quiet this year. I want him to be loud. Chris Rock loud. Here’s the episode with Jerry, they get pulled over at 13:57:

“Kids Need Bullying”

Believe it or not, some people have not seen Chris Rock’s specials. If you are one of those people it is time for you to catch up. Like right now.

Here is his very first special on HBO entitled “Big Ass Jokes” from 1994.

Second Special “Bring the Pain” from 1996.

Third Special “Bigger and Blacker” from 1999.

Fourth Special”Never Scared” from 2004. (Could only find a playlist of this one that doesn’t contain all material)

Fifth Special “Kill the Messenger” from 2008. It’s a mashup from three different locations.

So here’s to hoping he comes out and records his next special very soon, cause we need more of this.

-KJ Willy

A Few Great Oatmeal Comics to Distract You

This is the Christmas edition of the Voodoo Blog but I decided top make it a little different than all the other xmas blogs that will be decked with bells and bows and white beard hair. I decided to show you three Oatmeal comics that will help you on Christmas. The first will be coffee advice. The second is a guide to cat petting, because you will definitely encounter several peoples cats at get togethers. Last is a spelling test you need to take before you’re “Happy Holidays” tweets. So if you’re just waking up and you haven’t had your first cup yet, read on!

Christmas Morning Coffee Advice:

Alright if you haven’t ran into the horizon and lifted all the Christmas pressure off your shoulders, here’s a guide of how to deal with unfamiliar cats you run into on Christmas:

Alright now that you’ve got that down, be sure to take this twitter spelling test before you write all your xmas tweets, emails and facebook posts. Don’t be the embarrassed one who people laugh at during late parties when the kids are asleep.

The Twitter Spelling Test

Alright, Now go forth my friends, you are ready to tackle Christmas Day!

-KJ Willy

Oh if that wasn’t enough for you check out this Christmas song/video by Jon Lajoie.