The Vision

Playing the first Monday nights at 9:00 PM.
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The Vision is an improvised take on the daytime talk show, featuring hosts with big personalities, guests with flair, and the issues YOU care about!

The Vision! The nation's latest improv morning show at night!

A diverse panel of several recurring characters offer their take on recent news in a table discussion, offering advice on beauty, fashion, diet and geopolitics. The audience will provide suggestions for special guests. Forget about Whoopi and Rosie! There are some new opinionated wierdos in town!

Segments to include: Man on the street (in danger), before and after audience makeovers, fashion shows, celebrity kitchen, and musical guests, featured roundtable discussion of current events and all the fun of daytime tv minus the associated daydrinking shame!

Cast Members

Cheyenne Martin-Renaissance :

Cheyenne Martin-Renaissance

Cheyenne Martin-Renaissance is a Colorado native but she isn't snooty about it. She is snooty about what goes on a hot dog and whether or not it's okay to wear socks with deck shoes (mustard and onions only, and never ever). Cheyenne fears wasps and baby dolls, but thinks you're all right.

Michael Jeffries :

Michael Jeffries

Michael Jeffries hails from the mean streets if Des Moines, IA where everyone has a song in their heart and a switchblade in their pocket. After graduating college in 2014, he decided to drive towards the sweet, sweet, glow of Denver that has drawn all of us human moths. Outside of improv, Michael enjoys performing stand up, dogs, and going to the woods for a while to see what happens.

Vincent Thomas :

Vincent Thomas

Vincent Thomas is a Denver native, and a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He was born in the year of our Lord, 1996, on Canada day. He did so only to steal attention from Canada, a country with whom he shares nothing but a deep affinity for maple syrup. His hobbies include: bird watching, sobbing into pasta, and avoiding vigorous exercise.

Paula Lee :

Paula Lee

Paula Lee, a Colorado native, has worked in the tech industry since 2006. She enjoys doodling with a pen because you can't erase... you JUST CAN'T erase your mistakes! Her hobbies include being anal retentive, aerial tissue, acroyoga, and improv -- where she can get rid of her seriousness and unleash the craziness within her!

Mario Aguirre :

Mario Aguirre

Mario Aguirre, a fashion icon in the Denver scene (well in his head) has been doing improv for a few short months taking classes at The Voodoo. Proud Latino and Gay man he's ready to hit the stage and knock your socks off.

Megan Kauffmann :

Megan Kauffmann

Megan is somewhat new to improv, but grew up on musical theater.  She is stoked to be on stage again with an awesome crew of players. You may know have heard of her amazing Bernie impression. The rumors are true.
Vanessa Nicole Ortiz :

Vanessa Nicole Ortiz

Vanessa Nicole Ortiz likes long walks on the beach, eating too much pizza, and laughing out loud… wait is this not my profile? Vanessa is originally from South Florida, and bounced around from Savannah, GA to France to New York City before landing in the Mile High City or as she likes to call it the I'm High City. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design for Acting and Music and is enjoying getting to use her craft at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.