Starting in April, playing every other Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

ThingShow. A Game Show, like No Show, you’ve seen.

ThingShow combines your favorite game shows and improvisation! Our host leads the contestants through improv games and challenges. The set has interactive elements… i.e. you may spin our wheel and trigger a game hosted by a talking squirrel(!?) , it may direct you to our mystery trunk or a swell video. The set pieces will always be changing, so no two shows will look alike.


Cast Members

Christina LaFon :

Christina LaFon

Christina is a Denver-born actor and comedian with a passion for quirky characters, satire, and masked assassins. You may have seen her at the Bovine Theatre, Backstage at Beryl's, or in previous shows at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Enjoy the show!

Alex Smelser :

Alex Smelser

Jennifer Hill :

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer is a graduate of The Bovine School of Improv (Class #66) and she is currently in level's 5 and 3, at The Voodoo School of Improv. She can never get enough improv. But, she really loves sports, too. Not as much playing them though... (she mostly enjoys blowing her whistle at young kids and telling their parents to shut the hell up).

Connor Hall :

Connor Hall

Connor "The Jester" Hall produces The Jester's Court, and performs in Rapscallions & Regular Valley at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, as well as Dance Team at Bovine Metropolis. His favorite drinks are White Russians and literally any kind of beer. He likes cycling, comedy, and spicy foods, and I guess his ideal girl is fun, bubbly and really likes to laugh. Not just looking for sex, trying to find a serious life partner. HMU if you think we'd be a good match 😉

Michael Jeffries :

Michael Jeffries

Michael Jeffries hails from the mean streets if Des Moines, IA where everyone has a song in their heart and a switchblade in their pocket. After graduating college in 2014, he decided to drive towards the sweet, sweet, glow of Denver that has drawn all of us human moths. Outside of improv, Michael enjoys performing stand up, dogs, and going to the woods for a while to see what happens.

David Hanan :

David Hanan

David Hopson :

David Hopson

Dave Hopson grew up on run-down farm, in Harvest, Alabama. There was no livestock, save for a few shabby cows that mostly stayed hidden. Ironically, he graduated from The Bovine in July. He plans on graduating, from The Voodoo, next year. He keeps it fresh, and fly, in The Rapscallions Improv group. He is a proud resident of Normal Valley and tends to their 'maters. If he had a house, he would definitely own a garden gnome. He would put corpse paint on him and make him look as brutal as possible. He has a dog.