The Touchables

Playing select Monday nights at 9:00 PM.

Improv is Served!

Dinner At explores the relationships between three couples who we first see enjoying dinner together discussing a topic suggested by our audience. We then see each couple driving home, doing what all couples do when they drive home, gossiping about the other two couples. Finally, we see a montage of swiped scenes within the world created by the three couples, with a heavy emphasis on relationship driven scene work.


Cast Members

Casey Staleman :

Casey Staleman

Casey Stelman was born and raised in Northern Minnesota where the sun typically does not shine. During hibernation, Casey found a love for ice hockey and creating imaginary characters to play with as a child to pass the time which is where her love for comedy further developed into a snarky, dark sense of humor. She currently resides in the Denver area and is in the financial services industry, which fuels a necessity for a creative outlet such as improv.

Guido Handley :

Guido Handley

Guido started his improv journey attending drop in classes at the Voodoo School of Improv. After a few months, he enrolled in the 8 week level one class they offered. A year later, he had completed all 5 levels. His graduating class formed the group Conquerer and had an 8 week run. Midway through my Voodoo training, Guido joined the Parker Players Improv Theater Program. Upon completion he became a House Team member of the Parker Players and has performed two shows with them most recently for Parker Art’s Comedy and Cocktails. In his spare time he plays with the group Fluffy Puppies and Peanut Butter Fun when they host Voodoo’s Camp Improv Utopia.

John Czarnecki :

John Czarnecki

John Czarnecki has recently tested the waters of improv comedy when he wanted to see if he could become funny on the outside. It worked! He's now a graduate of the Parker Players Improv Theater Program and has performed in shows in the outskirts of Denver to thunderous applause. John is a 15-year semi-native of Colorado, by way of Maryland and Virginia, and is now raising three boys in Parker with his wife.

Paul Steinhauser :

Paul Steinhauser

Paul Steinhauser has been finding his way into theatre performances throughout all of Middle School and High School. Despite his looks, he is NOT still in Middle School. After he had graduated college, he attended the Bovine Metropolis Theaters' 10 week improv training program before shipping off for more college to study Aviation. Upon returning to Parker, after two years away from the stage, he is back in the game with a troupe that he had found on the interweb. Life is a stage and he intends to take it.

Nancy Levenson :

Nancy Levenson

Nancy is founder of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness and her mantra is helping others find their inner SPARKLE and personal path to wholeness. If she could, she would sprinkle JOY in everyone's life. Laughter is one method of spreading that Joy, which led her to Improv. She has been studying the craft since January 2016 and believes it lends itself beautifully to yoga therapy as a healing modality for anxiety, stress and adding more fun to life. She is a native of Texas, born in Germany, calls Colorado her home and loves to travel, starts conversations with everyone she meets, enjoys a fine wine, fine food and riding motorcycles. Her constant companions include her husband Bill and her furry child, Simba.

Rose Hunt-Mateo :

Rose Hunt-Mateo

Rose grew up near the city that is the butt of many jokes: Cleveland. She first learned about improv in College Theater courses though most of her experience comes from her time with the Parker Players. She enjoys the creativity Achieved through camaraderie between team members and looks forward to more. She describes her bio as boring, but it is probably not set in stone.

Steve Kot :

Steve Kot

Steven Kot is delighted to be playing with Mixed Nuts. Recent/Favorite credits include Cannibal: the Musical with the Next Pony Players, Goat with MSU of Denver's Blackbox Theatre Company, and Comedy and Cocktails with The Parker Players. He also directed and starred in the comical youtube cult classic hit Young Hitler. He has a Bachelor's degree in Theatre from MSU (and has also worked in technical Theatre with High Noon Productions on the set of Unwrapped). When Steven writes jokes he often tells himself "Man, the juices are really flowing," and then he turns the porno off.