The Loser’s Bracket

Playing select Monday nights at 10 PM in 2016 & select Thursday nights in 2017 at 10:00 PM.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

An improv duo show

Denver's excellent two-person improv tournament Ke-Mo Sah-Bee only awards one champion (it's a tournament, duh), which leaves us with a whole bunch of 'losers' each season.

The Loser's Bracket celebrates those of us that haven't reached the pinnacle, but are still really great! Every week, some of the best two-person groups in Denver take the stage!



Bryan Dierschow :

Bryan Dierschow

Bryan is the host and producer of The Loser's Bracket and the podcast As We Go Along. He is also a member of the team War Tiger, as well as the two-person teams Broe, Mike Flanagan, and Headlamp. Bryan has been studying improv in Denver for the last two years, under the guidance of Jared McBain, Reid Fenlaw, Max Schwartz, Ann Flynn, Charlie Wilkins, and Justin Franzen.