The Jester’s Court – Shortform Improv Comedy

Playing every other Friday at 11:00 PM.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

Short-form and a long jacket

Come one, come all! Step into The Jester’s Court and watch Denver’s finest comedians, all gathered on one stage for your amusement!

The Jester’s Court is Denver’s ONLY completely original short-form improv show, truly perfecting the style of improv comedy invented by Viola Spolin and made famous by Whose Line is it Anyway. Everything is made up on the spot, and everything we do comes from a suggestion from you! Don’t be shy, and sit near the front. If The Court likes you, you might just get pulled up on stage. (Sur)Prizes and The Jester’s unconditional love will be given for audience participation.

Cast Members

Connor Hall :

Connor Hall

Connor "The Jester" Hall produces The Jester's Court, and performs in Rapscallions & Regular Valley at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, as well as Dance Team at Bovine Metropolis. His favorite drinks are White Russians and literally any kind of beer. He likes cycling, comedy, and spicy foods, and I guess his ideal girl is fun, bubbly and really likes to laugh. Not just looking for sex, trying to find a serious life partner. HMU if you think we'd be a good match 😉

Andrew Curtis Forlines :

Andrew Curtis Forlines

Andrew Curtis Forlines is just like any other man, only more so.
He enjoys a good benign violation when he sees one and unlike most actually prefers short walks on the beach.
You can find him hosting and performing all around town like a cheap suit.

Joseph Galvin :

Joseph Galvin

Joseph Galvin is the producer and director of talk showdown. He's embraced performing in the past year. His long form team hosts one of the Camp utopia nights, he's a member of Jesters court, and performed with the harold team conqueror this last summer.

Michael Jeffries :

Michael Jeffries

Michael Jeffries hails from the mean streets if Des Moines, IA where everyone has a song in their heart and a switchblade in their pocket. After graduating college in 2014, he decided to drive towards the sweet, sweet, glow of Denver that has drawn all of us human moths. Outside of improv, Michael enjoys performing stand up, dogs, and going to the woods for a while to see what happens.

Donald Kiley :

Donald Kiley

Donald Kiley first started doing improv in Orlando, FL at the tender age of 18. Since moving to Denver in 2015 he's joined the short form troupe Jesters court and currently is TS' noisemaker.