Single Syllables – The Children’s Show for Grown Ups

Playing select Monday nights at 9:00 PM.
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Give up!

Hey kids! Come join us for a fun filled hour with song, dance, story time and guests! Whether we're receiving a visit from Mr. Rebound or learning new letters like HPV there's always a lesson to be learned on Single Syllables!

Cast Members

Kimberly Kutt :

Kimberly Kutt

Kimberly Kutt often hopes for the best. You may know her from Never Have I Ever or recognize her good bangs gone bad.

Chris Gropp :

Chris Gropp

Chris has been performing improv for 7 years, and been specializing in the movie form for the last 2. Chris's one man had a 7 week winning streak in the Duel, and performed in the Denver Imrpov Festival.