Sharks & Rec

Playing select Monday nights at 9:00 PM.

Sharks attack!

Sharks navigate depths of the improv ocean, playing with Harold and other forms that float on stage. We hope to see your great whites...while you laugh.

Do you hear Dick Dale attacking his guitar? Wipe out, the day and recreate the night away by playing in the deep!

Cast Members

Benjamin Murphy :

Benjamin Murphy

Ben wishes he could spend his life eating cookies, watching cartoons, and riding waterslides. But alas, the real world and issues like bills get in the way of the true pleasures in life. Ben pays the bills by working as an engineer, meaning he doesn't like to talk to people. So naturally, talking to people on a stage, in front of an audience, seemed like a good idea.
Courtney Hegwer :

Courtney Hegwer

Jake Pearse :

Jake Pearse

Jake Pearse is excited to be playing with the members of Sharks and Rec at the Voodoo Comedy Lounge and has performed a variety of improv forms on multiple teams. Jake’s style has been described as the Tony Chachere’s of improv; a zesty and delightful blend of improv abilities that can be enjoyed anywhere. When not playing with the members of Sharks and Rec, Jake can often be found searching for the coveted Busch Light Gold Trophy Can. In the meantime, Jake can be found performing the Harold form with Sharks and Rec while using inspiration from the audience to develop colorful and meaningful scenes for the audience at the Voodoo Comedy Lounge.

Jason Siebold :

Jason Siebold

Jason hails from the bullet ridden streets of south central Los Angeles where he, at the tender age of 10, decided to pass on joining the prestigious fraternal orders of bloods or cripts and opted to go rogue and act, sing and dance his way through knife and gun fights, much like in West Side Story.  After years of living la vida loca and being in the spotlight (search helicopter spotlight) he was accepted to the renowned Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles California.  The rest, as they say, is historia and he has spent the last 32 years of his life shaking his Guatemalan booty off on stage and on film.  Wanting a break and a challenge from being a scripted performer, Jason made the unwise decision to study improv and often wonders what the hell he was thinking!  He looks forward to many years of looking like a deer caught in headlights on the improv scene and sharpening his skills.  Other than that, if you need someone to “disappear”, he knows many people!  Oralé vato!

Katherine Kosta :

Katherine Kosta

Katherine has been yes and-ing her whole life. Once she discovered improv, it felt like home. When she was 18, she ran from the Western Slope of Colorado to the bright lights of Denver. Now that she’s older, she wishes they’d dim the lights a bit. Her accomplishments include getting lost while running a marathon, finding a growing stalk of corn in her gutter, and learning to love spiders.

Mitch Korst :

Mitch Korst

Hailing from Illinois, Mitch describes himself as a “proud non-native.” During the week he is riding the complex rollercoaster that is U.S. healthcare, but at night the dark side of Mitch emerges to light up the stage in mind-blowing improv scenes with his fellow performers! Mitch has said that his favorite aspect of improv is the group mentality that is necessary in order to be successful on stage. His number one influence in the world of comedy is Larry David, although he has many. Also in his spare time, Mitch is a serious jazz piano player, enjoys skiing, and is a baseball fanatic. You can find him traipsing around downtown Denver, where he lives. Shine on.

Paula Lee :

Paula Lee

Paula Lee, a Colorado native, has worked in the tech industry since 2006. She enjoys doodling with a pen because you can't erase... you JUST CAN'T erase your mistakes! Her hobbies include being anal retentive, aerial tissue, acroyoga, and improv -- where she can get rid of her seriousness and unleash the craziness within her!

Randall Ohlson :

Randall Ohlson

Randy is a Denver native and studies improv at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, The Bovine and The Denver Theater of Performing Arts. He has been performing improv for over a year now and has performed with several of Denver’s finest improv talents. He has also done standup comedy. But he still hasn’t met Elvis.

TC McCracken :

TC McCracken

She has tried again and again to childproof the house but her kids keep getting in! For years, she has cracked pepper while telling stories and jokes at the dinner table, elbowing her kids….”now that’s Fing Funny.” She has worked crowds on soccer fields, in grocery lines and in school halls. Her kids tirelessly educate her on current trends and she reads the urban dictionary to stay in her words a “dope hipster.” In an effort to avoid embarrassment, her family has kicked her out of suburbia. Though she finds time now and then to watch South Park with her kiddos...a great cartoon. Now for the first time in her life, this marching band dropout and annoying mother, feels alive playing her first team sport, improv. And F scrapbooking, she seeks out to tell outlandish stories that shock and console at open mics as Momma McCracken wearing her mom’s red checked pants. A former Human Resources Manager, a former Elementary Teacher, and a former PTA Officer….well she feels liberated by comedy, a place she can be political and sometimes correct. Her family has created a monster!