Share with the Class

Playing Monday nights at 10:00 PM.

Your embarrassing moments turned into an improvised comedy show where we laugh with you, and we laugh at you.

Share with the Class is an improvised comedy show based on your most embarrassing, absurd, and cringe inducing memories. Each week we invite a volunteer from the audience to share an embarrassing story with us in an on-stage interview. We then turn that story into an entirely improvised comedy set.

Peed your pants during the SAT's? Share with the Class. Passed out in health class before giving a presentation on good nutrition? Share with the Class. Slept walked into your own bed while your grandmother was sleeping in it? Share with the Class. These are of course hypothetical examples that do not reflect any actual moments from the producer of this show's life. However, studies have shown that sharing is caring, and nothing takes the sting away of a shameful memory like having it turned into goofy comedy.


Cast Members