Rap$callion$ – Improvised Rap/Musicals

Playing Friday nights at 10:00 PM.
Tickets are:

$8 advance, $10 door

Get your cyphers ready! All rapping, long form, musical improv straight to yo face every Saturday night! Hip hop, freestyling, original beats, live DJs, comedy, BASS, madne$$!!! Come see one of the most unique shows in Denver, as we make something from nothing and get turnt the hell UP.

Cast Members

Virginia Farley :

Virginia Farley

Virginia Farley has always loved rhythm and poetry and spontaneously found her way into kicking it with Rap$callion$.She studied acting for two years at Colorado Mesa University and has received some formal Improv training at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. You can also find her performing in plays around Denver and playing various mysterious roles with the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Theatre. She also likes ugly dogs.

Andrew Curtis Forlines :

Andrew Curtis Forlines

Andrew Curtis Forlines is just like any other man, only more so.
He enjoys a good benign violation when he sees one and unlike most actually prefers short walks on the beach.
You can find him hosting and performing all around town like a cheap suit.

Kim Lockhart :

Kim Lockhart

Growing up in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, playing make-believe became Kim’s favorite way to pass the time. That never went away as she grew up and moved away to college, where she conveniently discovered there was an improv troupe! Obviously, it only seemed natural that she weasel her way into it. She quickly in love with improvising, and spent the next four years playing on and eventually running that short-form troupe.  After getting her BFA in Theatre Directing and Playwrighting from the University of Wyoming, she chose Denver to be her next spot. Kim is happy to say that the make-believing still continues as she’s spent the past year taking classes at the Voodoo School of Improv. She has also recently co-created and plays on The Story of YOU, which is currently playing at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. She’s having fun getting to know and playing with her improv peers while she continues exploring all the other possibilities the Denver scene has to offer!

Connor Hall :

Connor Hall

Connor "The Jester" Hall produces The Jester's Court, and performs in Rapscallions & Regular Valley at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, as well as Dance Team at Bovine Metropolis. His favorite drinks are White Russians and literally any kind of beer. He likes cycling, comedy, and spicy foods, and I guess his ideal girl is fun, bubbly and really likes to laugh. Not just looking for sex, trying to find a serious life partner. HMU if you think we'd be a good match 😉

Paul Twarowski :

Paul Twarowski

Paul Twarowski is one of those transplants everybody hates so much, and he's sorry. Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, he got his Theatre Studies degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he truly discovered his passion for improv and live performance. Currently the leader of the Rap$callion$ and Welcome to the Regular Valley, Paul wants to thank the Voodoo family and Denver improv as a whole, for welcoming him and allowing him to put on these exciting, unique shows that couldn't happen anywhere else.

Jami Reetz :

Jami Reetz

Jami is a Colorado native so she inherently dislikes Texans and people that drive too slow in the left lane. She's always had that musical bone in her body, but it's only recently that she's gotten in front of people to rap some verses as a pro. She most certainly started from the bottom but now she is here.

David Hopson :

David Hopson

Dave Hopson grew up on run-down farm, in Harvest, Alabama. There was no livestock, save for a few shabby cows that mostly stayed hidden. Ironically, he graduated from The Bovine in July. He plans on graduating, from The Voodoo, next year. He keeps it fresh, and fly, in The Rapscallions Improv group. He is a proud resident of Normal Valley and tends to their 'maters. If he had a house, he would definitely own a garden gnome. He would put corpse paint on him and make him look as brutal as possible. He has a dog.

Saladin Thomas :

Saladin Thomas

Chris Gropp :

Chris Gropp

Chris has been performing improv for 7 years, and been specializing in the movie form for the last 2. Chris's one man had a 7 week winning streak in the Duel, and performed in the Denver Imrpov Festival.

Colleen Weaver :

Colleen Weaver

COLLEEN WEAVER is currently enrolled in the Voodoo School of Improv in Denver, CO. In addition to HitchCocktails she performs with The Story of You (a Ken Burns documentary improv show), Rapscallions (a hip-hop freestyle musical), Improv Wrestling Federation, and she produces her own monthly Iimprov show at Mutiny Information Cafe called Binge Watch Live! Weaver is also well known for her Burlesque persona Surlie Temple, who has toured the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Weaver studied film, music, dance, visual arts, writing and theater at the Denver School of the Arts. She is a crafter, painter and master crocheter and has curated many art parties featuring bands, artists and comedians form Denver's thriving scene. She is an avid concert-goer, traveler and nature lover. She also enjoys playfully plotting the perfect murder, sharpening her bread knives and sending sinister glances in the direction of past lovers. Weaver credits her accomplishments to the unconventional environment she grew up in, her family has always supported her grit and constant reshaping of the status quo. She lives by the rule that- in art, life and love- there are no rules.

Corey Martin :

Corey Martin

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Corey is no stranger to Voodoo. With experience as a model, commercial actor, improvisor and sketch writer he's no stranger to performing either. An original intern at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, he's demonstrated the hard work and dedication it takes to be a successful improvisor.

Gabriella Gutierrez Reed :

Gabriella Gutierrez Reed

GABRIELLA GUITIERREZ REED was raised in San Diego, Ca, but made her way out to Denver, Co in 2012 to express her creative side. She has experience in improv, stand-up and sketch writing, while bringing that sass. She currently performs at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in The Improv Avengers and Rapscallions. We are excited to have her as a member of HitchCocktails!

Jeffrey Graves :

Jeffrey Graves

JEFFREY GRAVES witnessed a murder out his apartment window, but cannot investigate due to a broken leg. He's planning on sending Grace Kelly into potential danger in his stead.