Momma McCracken’s Variety Show

Playing select Thursday nights at 9:00 PM.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.


Momma McCracken, with her red checkered past, will serve more than tater tots at her variety show of sweet acts sandwiched between her bits, first Momma processes outlandish life stories and ends with Momma tucking in the audience by offering unconventional candid motherly advice. Home-brewed and unfiltered….she will nurse reality in unimaginable ways….maybe she pulls someone on stage or answers questions you wanted to ask your Momma but were afraid to….regardless of her advice, she hopes you will have a good night! and know sitting next to your mom might be awkward cuz this show isn’t PG or PC. Warning: Acts may contain sketchy characters, not-so-stand up comics, improvised life forms and/or unheard of music.


On-going Cast:

TC McCracken :

TC McCracken

She has tried again and again to childproof the house but her kids keep getting in! For years, she has cracked pepper while telling stories and jokes at the dinner table, elbowing her kids….”now that’s Fing Funny.” She has worked crowds on soccer fields, in grocery lines and in school halls. Her kids tirelessly educate her on current trends and she reads the urban dictionary to stay in her words a “dope hipster.” In an effort to avoid embarrassment, her family has kicked her out of suburbia. Though she finds time now and then to watch South Park with her kiddos...a great cartoon. Now for the first time in her life, this marching band dropout and annoying mother, feels alive playing her first team sport, improv. And F scrapbooking, she seeks out to tell outlandish stories that shock and console at open mics as Momma McCracken wearing her mom’s red checked pants. A former Human Resources Manager, a former Elementary Teacher, and a former PTA Officer….well she feels liberated by comedy, a place she can be political and sometimes correct. Her family has created a monster!

Zac Larson :

Zac Larson

Zachary Larson delivers punch with his guitar as an unnamed delivery boy on Momma McCracken's Variety Show.  Annoyed and disturbed while being locked in a crowded closet, delivery boy’s only defense by delivering unwanted packages of guitar riffs too colorful for the burbs to Momma.

Zachary Larson is a classically trained guitarist in Denver, Colorado.  He performs nationally on tour and in music festivals as a soloist and chamber musician. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha, and a Master of Music degree from the University of Denver. He currently plays guitar for various shows at Voodoo, including Momma McCracken’s Variety Show and Hit and Run. When he is not around a guitar, he performs in Denver as a comedian and improviser. For more info visit