Hughes School Musical

Playing select Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at singing about it, that's all.

Hughes School Musical is about high school and dealing with issues like living with your parents, being single, and how you're going to turn out after. Each scene deals with a different issue, and, each scene is based off a different John Hughs film. Home Alone, Vacation, Pretty In Pink, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and The Breakfast Club provide the inspiration for each scene and feature original lyrics to songs from their soundtracks to fit the scenes as well.

The comedy and dialog come from the heart, as the show expresses the struggles of teenage life through eyes of both the struggling optimistic youth, and the experienced weathered adults who try to guide the little shits. The perfect blend of the forgettable moments of high school and the unforgettable films of John Hughes is, Hughes School Musical!


Cast Members:

Katrina Brinkman :

Katrina Brinkman

Born as an honorary Colorado native, Katrina was in plays and skits through out high school and never considered herself to be musically talented. Luckily, her goofy expressions and hilarious antics kept her afloat in the theater. Working from the "adult" start, Katrina has made a life of causing people happiness and laughing until she's sick, even if it's on her own. This is Katrina's first performance at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and couldn't be happier about the chance to have some hardy laughs and genuine fun with some astonishing humans.
Jonathan Caycho :

Jonathan Caycho

A native of Denver, Jonathan has been acting in school plays and being musically involved ever since he can remember. He has been bit by the acting bug and plans on pursuing acting and filmography. Jonathan is an active member of Sabra Studios an independent film company that focuses on low budget film making with up to date technology and techniques. To learn more visit
Zachary Protzmann :

Zachary Protzmann

Studied improv at Second City Chicago & IO Chicago. Wrote "Killings of a Small Town," a dramatic short performed at the Second City Chicago. Played Steve Ballmer in "Rahm Zombie" at the Second City Chicago. Stand-Up comedian.

Isaiah Thompson :

Isaiah Thompson

Isaiah Thompson is a senior at the University of Denver studying Computer Science and Emergent Digital Practices. He is also a member of Skintight Outrage, DU's premiere, and only, improv comedy group.
Eden Solomon :

Eden Solomon

Eden Solomon is a first generation Ethiopian American. Born in Khartoum, Sudan, Eden fell in love with the arts and music. She has since lived in Colorado since 2000. She loves to perform and has developed a devotion to theater.
Alex F. Winter :

Alex F. Winter

Alex hails from Atlanta, GA and is an award winning screenwriter for his action/horror screenplay “Justice in Hell”. He has acted in various Youtube videos. He is a big fan of stand up and improv comedy. “Hughes School Musical” marks his first time acting on the theater stage. He would like to thank Zachary Protzmann for giving him this opportunity, and his girlfriend Allegra for her loving support.
Allegra Fiorino :

Allegra Fiorino

Allegra is from Denver, CO and has been involved with theater her whole life. She was last seen in "Cannibal The Musical" and produced "Going Down On South Park: The Burlesque Show". She would like to thank Zachary Protzmann for giving her this opportunity. Her family and her boyfriend Alex for always believing in her.
Wayne Easter :

Wayne Easter

Wayne Easter hails from St. Louis, Missouri and has performed for various theatre companies in Denver and Aurora. This is his first performance at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. He wants to thank Zach and the cast for this opportunity to make great theater.