Playing select Saturday nights at 7:00 PM & select Friday nights at 10 PM
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

HitchCocktails is an improvised thriller and drinking game inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Play along as the actors dodge conspiracies and bullets, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and fall in love with double agents. Of course, as it is high class murder, the actors will also have access to a bar on stage and will drink whenever offered by a castmate - so the plotlines will become more convoluted one way or another. The action's so tense, you'll have to get tight.

HitchCocktails originated in Chicago in 2012 at the iO Theater under creators CJ Tuor and Stephanie McCullough. It has since enjoyed a continuous three year run at the Annoyance Theater. The show proudly extends to the Denver comedy scene with this run.


Cast Members

Brian Mulligan :

Brian Mulligan

BRIAN MULLIGAN is a native of New York City and is honored to be making his Denver stage debut with this talented band of improv-conspirators in HitchCocktails.

Keith Rains :

Keith Rains

Allison Talavera :

Allison Talavera

ALLISON TALAVERA is a graduate of the iO Training Center and the Second City Conservatory Program. She has performed at iO Chicago with teams Owl Farm and The Baby Kings, as well as written as well as writing/performing with sketch/improv troupe Madame Senator and improv troupe Freud Droid of One Group Mind. Allison is a founding member of the Cor Res Theatre. A Colorado native, Allison could not be more excited to be performing as a part of HitchCocktails!

Amanda Eckert :

Amanda Eckert

Amanda started improv two years ago, and has never been able to stop since. By day she is a teacher, and by night she is anything she wants to be on stage. She participates in a variety of shows and group around Denver. Amanda is so excited for HitchCocktails because it combines her two favorite things: mystery and humor.

David Schultz :

David Schultz

Dave is an Improvisor and Auditor, originally from Cleveland, OH. When he's not watching Alfred Hitchcock movies he's performing and teaching improv, talking about the Cleveland Browns, or walking his dog(s). While he loves Hitchcock movies and performing onstage, he's in the show mostly for the free booze.

Gabriella Gutierrez Reed :

Gabriella Gutierrez Reed

GABRIELLA GUITIERREZ REED was raised in San Diego, Ca, but made her way out to Denver, Co in 2012 to express her creative side. She has experience in improv, stand-up and sketch writing, while bringing that sass. She currently performs at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in The Improv Avengers and Rapscallions. We are excited to have her as a member of HitchCocktails!

Jason Knauf :

Jason Knauf

Jason started improvising when he went to Colorado State University. He loved it so much, he moved to Chicago to pursue this oddball passion. He studied at the training centers of IO, Second City, and Annoyance Theater. He left Chicago for Denver to join the Handsome Little Devils, where he played The Baron Vegan von Hamburger in “Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama.” He has, since then, performed with numerous improv groups around Denver and has been featured in local films and commercials. Learn more at www.jasonknauf.com

Jeffrey Graves :

Jeffrey Graves

JEFFREY GRAVES witnessed a murder out his apartment window, but cannot investigate due to a broken leg. He's planning on sending Grace Kelly into potential danger in his stead.

Katie Bowman :

Katie Bowman

KATIE BOWMAN is an up and coming improviser and stand up comedian out of Denver. She has produced many shows as well as trained and went through the Grafenberg playschool. Outside of comedy she works for Planned Parenthood and creates art. Her biggest comedic influences are, Jenny Slate, Morgan Murphy, Amy Poehler, Louie C.K., Ali Wong, Kristen Schaal, Zach Galifinakus and many more.

Mel Evans :

Mel Evans

MEL EVANS is a founding cast member of HitchCocktails in Chicago, and performed with them at the influential Annoyance Theater for years. She has also performed as an ensemble member with Second City (NCL), several iO Harold teams, Our Feature Presentation: the Improvised Movie at iO (under the direction of Jason Chin), and ComedySportz. Mel is a founding member of Improvised Jane Austen and the infamous Basic Eight. Mel has also written and directed multiple Christmas pop culture spoofs including "Ooops, I Christmassed Again." Mel co-hosts An Hour with Your Ex Podcast with her husband Mark Colomb.