13 Warriors

Playing every other Thursday at 10:00 PM starting April 13th.
Tickets are $8 advance, $10 door.

13 Warriors exist more as a metaphor for life experiences bringing honest (yet sometimes outlandish) scenes to the stage, giving way to an exploration of reality and parallel universes in which all humans and warriors can relate.

We perform a two person improv show using a form similar to WeirDass.


Cast Members

Grant Garrison :

Grant Garrison

Grant Garrison is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory for Improv Actors in Chicago, IL as well as a graduate of the iO (Improv Olympic) Theater Improv Acting Program. Grant was first introduced to improv when he joined and began performing with the long running Clown Box Improv Comedy Troupe in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2002. After five years of performing with the Clown Box, Grant decided that he wanted to advance his improv skills and experience even further by moving to the Mecca of improv comedy, Chicago, IL. While training in Chicago, Grant performed with independent improv troupe Penny Candy, The Playground Theater’s Blanket Jackson, and Second City’s Baby Patrick for the next five years. Grant is now happy to be back performing in his home state of Colorado, where he hopes to spread love and appreciation for the amazing art form of improvisation; and is very excited about his newest show 13 Warriors.

Casey Stelman :

Casey Stelman

Casey Stelman was born and raised in Northern Minnesota where the sun typically does not shine. During hibernation, Casey found a love for ice hockey and creating imaginary characters to play with as a child to pass the time which is where her love for comedy further developed into a snarky, dark sense of humor. She currently resides in the Denver area and is in the financial services industry, which fuels a necessity for a creative outlet such as improv.