Show Report

At the end of each night, we'll need an intern scheduled for the night of the show to fill out this form. Only one submission is needed for the night, however, we'd like to make sure all of the interns scheduled for the night has feedback that is contained in the form.
  • Contact Info

  • Sales Numbers

  • Show & Ticket Info

  • Please be sure to enter correct info for ALL shows (including drop-in class if applicable). House counts should be done 15-20 minutes after the start of the show. Double check your info before submitting!
    Show NameExpected Start TimeActual Start TimeHouse CountVendini SalesGrouponStudentsCompedExpected End TimeActual End TimeTotal Sales ($) 
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  • General Show Info & Issues

  • 1 (Terrible)2 (Okay)3 (Decent)4 (Great)5 (Fantastic)
    Show Quality
    Guest Happiness
    Tech Performance
    Bar Performance
    Overall Quality
  • How did the night go overall? Note briefly how each show was, how the flow was, did the audience complain about anything, did the show lag at any point, etc.
  • Are there any notes for or from any of the producers? Any notes to actors that the producer can give them, e.g. content issues, any issues with showing up on time? This is not an actor critique!
  • Are there any notes for the bar?
  • Where there any issues with any of the lights, stage, set, sound, or video?
  • Was there anything else that didn't fit in the above categories that you'd like to make note of in order for us to improve the Voodoo Playhouse environment? Was there a roof leakage, issues with the restrooms, etc.?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.