Performer Contract & Checklist

Congrats on getting your show(s) accepted at The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse!

Read this contract carefully.

If we don’t receive your show information within 7 DAYS, your performance slot can be and will be forfeited.  This checklist is for your own benefit, please use it to your advantage.

Performer Contract & Checklist

  • Producer Information

  • Cast List

  • Performer FULL NameEmail 
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    All regular performing performers will be able to get drink specials and in to regular shows for FREE during the quarter they are performing in. Because of this, we will NEED a list of all regular performing cast members for your show. If you DO NOT list the name, phone, and email of the the performers, they WILL NOT get into the Voodoo for free.
  • Show Information

  • To ensure that you know the date(s) and time(s) you've been accepted, please refer back to an email you received with a link in it that links to a Google Spreadsheet showing all accepted shows. Copy and paste those dates into this box.
  • For example: What happens when sketch meets improv!
  • A paragraph or two about your show that gets people excited!
  • Drop files here or
    Please upload team headshots, your team logo and/or show poster. By uploading the image, you hearby state that the image(s) you have attached can be used legally for commercial use. If you're submitted a poster, it NEEDS to have your new show dates/time on it. Please include any graphics you'd like us to use on your event detail page and headshots of your team members. (Maximum allowed on this server: 2MB)
  • Contract

  • By check marking and entering my name below, this indicates that I (The Producer) have read, understand, and agree to the following:

    1. PARTIES: This is an agreement between THE PRODUCER (whose information appears below), hereafter known as "Producer" and Voodoo Holdings LLC/Talking Muffin Productions LLC., whose address is 1260 22nd Street Denver, CO 80205.

    2. SCHEDULE: Producer agrees to present their show hereafter known as "Show" at Venue on the following dates and times agreed to above, hereafter known as the "Engagement."

    3. RUN TIME: Producer hereby warrants that the Show, when performed, will last no longer than the designated 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute show slots, unless otherwise specified in separate correspondence between Venue and Producer. If the Show exceeds the contracted time, you will incur a $50 charge. Note: You will be fined for going over 70 minutes for our 60 minute shows.

    4. CLEAN-UP: Producer must remove all equipment, and any personal property from the premises immediately after the Show. Producer is responsible for any and all property at all times while at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Venue cannot be expected to be accountable for any personal items whatsoever.

    5. TICKET PRICE (Per person per performance): The ticket price for the Show will be determined by Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

    6. SPLIT: All ticket sales will go to Venue, and Producer is not responsible for any minimum payment, unless otherwise specified in a signed contract addendum between Venue and Producer.

    7. PROPS & STORAGE OF MATERIALS: For shows with a run of two or more performances, Producer must provide the venue with a small bin for prop and costume storage. Producer must confine all materials to the bin. After the final performance, Producer has one week to remove materials. After one week, Venue reserves the right to dispose of any remaining materials. PLEASE CONTACT the theater ( WITH A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF PROPS YOU INTEND TO BRING IN. The Green Room needs to be kept clean at all times or we will remove anything that's not in a bin at any time!

    8. SEATING: Venue reserves the right to seat no more than 80 audience members per performance. Seating arrangements are made at the sole discretion of Venue.

    9. PUBLICITY MATERIALS: Producer is solely responsible for producing postcards, flyers or any other promotional materials. Any materials that are to be displayed at the theater must be approved by the Artistic Department and are allowed only in approved areas.

    10. LIABILITIES: Producer is solely liable for the following:

    • Any damages to Venue and/or its property resulting from Producer’s acts or negligence. Any damage to the facility, equipment or property of the Venue will result in a $50 fee or the amount of cost to repair if repairs total more than $50.
    • Any and all fines incurred by Venue for any advertising for Show illegally posted on: city or private property, mailboxes, street newspaper boxes, telephone poles or any other location. An automatic fine of $200 will be taken out of the performance gross if illegal postings happen (if the gross does not reach $200, producer should be prepared to pay difference).
    • Any and all fines/damages that result from using an open flame (including candles, lighters, flash paper, flash cotton, matches, lit cigarettes, and any other form of open flame) in the theater. The use of open flame is strictly prohibited, and Producer agrees to an additional fine of $300, payable to Venue, for using any such prohibited materials regardless of damages.
    • Any and all use of confetti, fake blood, glitter or other damaging materials is strictly prohibited and will result in damage charges of $50 or the total cost of damage repair if greater than $50.
    • Producer may not provide free alcohol to audience members during a show. Any exceptions to this rule must be cleared by the artistic director and included in a signed addendum between Venue and Producer.
    • Producer must not perform under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Nudity is not permitted in any rehearsals or performances at the Venue without permission from the artistic director and included in a signed addendum between Venue and Producer.
    • Live animals are not permitted. Any exceptions to these rules must be cleared by Voodoo and the artistic director and included in a signed addendum between Venue and Producer.
    • NO "DROPPING THE MIC". Our equipment is expensive. If you want to "drop the mic" email us ahead of time and we can get you a bad mic to drop.

    11. CANCELLATION OF PERFORMANCES: Venue reserves the right to cancel any and all remaining dates of Engagement should attendance at any performance of the Show fall below 25 audience members or should Producer violate any of the terms contained in this Agreement. Venue reserves the right to cancel any and all dates of Engagement for any unforeseen circumstance that may arise. Producer reserves the right to cancel any and all dates of the Engagement without penalty 3 (three) weeks prior to the date in question. If performance is cancelled LESS THAN 3 (THREE) WEEKS prior to the date of Engagement, Producer agrees to pay a $200 penalty fee. If Producer cancels any performances that have already sold tickets online through the Venue's website, Producer agrees to the $200 cancellation fee, plus a surcharge of $0.99 per ticket sold.

    12. MANDATORY QUARTERLY PRODUCER’S MEETING: Producer or a representative of the team must be present at the pre-scheduled mandatory producer’s meeting. Q3 2018's Mandatory Producer's Meeting will be held on: SUNDAY JUNE 3rd from 7:00pm-8:00m at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

    13. MARKETING: Producer agrees to continually and diligently promote their show through all reasonable channels, including but not limited to Facebook/Social Media, posters/postcards at the Theater and elsewhere.

    14. MISSION: Producer agrees to enthusiastically honor and abide Theatre’s Mission Statement, available at for each and every one of their performances.

    15. RIGHTS: Producer understands that by accepting this show, Theater does not claim an implied or expressed rights to the concept or material of the show itself. Show concept and all creative material for the show remain the express property of Producer only, now and in the future.