Reviews & Accolades

Trace Beaulieu, Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse is a wonderfully intimate space for comedy. The staff is wonderful and we were treated like family which is more than we deserve.

Frank Conniff, Mystery Science Theater 3000

Trace and I had a blast performing at the Voodoo. It is a fun, hip, well-run venue. Steve Wilder and his staff treat performers with great respect and the audiences that come are phenomenal. I look forward to playing the Voodoo again!

Kevin McDonald, Kids In The Hall

I had an amazing time at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. The theater was full of talented and funny people, it was run and organized excellently, everyone there were the nicest people in the world and to add to everything else, they have an amazing bar! In short, it's a wonderful place where you can go to laugh, see very funny shows and then have a lot of fun even after the show.

Ithamar Enriquez, Key & Peele & Arrested Development

I loved performing Ithamar Has Nothing To Say at The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse! The energy of the audience was exhilarating and the theatre staff made me feel right at home. Denver knows what it's doing when it comes to improv and sketch comedy!

Valerie Hope, Hyatt Hotels

Improv is all about supporting one another, creating trust and safety as well as building upon the ideas and efforts of others. We not only shared lots of laughs, met new people and took creative risks, but also took some fun activities to use in the future! We all agreed we would do it all again. We've already recommended it to other colleagues!

Joseph Garcia, DaVita

Voodoo did a great job leading a fun, high energy, interactive session that brought our team principles to life and created great team building opportunities between our Field and Corporate Teams!

Patrick Borus, Chipotle Mexican Grill

Steve Wilder did a superb job putting on a improv work shop for my team and I. Steve’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for what he does was truly inspiring. My team did not know what to expect coming in to the workshop. Leaving the workshop every single person was talking about how much they enjoyed the experience. The workshop was so fun, educational, though-provoking, empowering and funny! My team is better because of Steve and his message.

Kimberly Wilke, CO House Majority Project

My organization booked the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse for our annual post-session fundraiser. The actors were fantastic about making sure our volunteers were comfortable and created a performance that was hilarious and tailored to our event. We received rave reviews from our members and our guests, with some saying it was the best event in recent memory. We can't wait to come back next year!

Cheri Sims, FDIC

Thank you for working with me and my team on our teambuilding exercise.  Many of them, me included, weren’t sure what to expect, but I heard from several of them over the last couple of days.  They were extremely impressed with the event and they all took something away from it.  It really resonated with them in similar ways and as I had hoped.

Martha Weidmann, Nine Dot Arts

The experience was exceptional! Everyone loved the workshops - it was a great way to spend smart, engaging, unique quality time together. If we didn't have to manage a company we would simply be in the Voodoo all day!

Emily O'Brien, Kaiser Permanente

We had our Company Christmas Party at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. We had an absolute blast! We were able to have our food catered and we were able to use the facility for the whole event. The show was amazing and geared toward our group. Charlie was our bartender and went above and beyond even providing us with some entertainment. This is a top notch improv group. I would highly recommend having your group activity at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse!

Angela Perez, Celgene

Thanks so much - you were amazing! I received so many compliments about the workshop. Everyone had fun and really appreciated having you as our instructors!

Leann Dittman, Comcast Cable Services

Steve Wilder set up an unforgettable evening for my team, and we had a blast! We had a group of roughly 30 workmates who are coordinating changes across policies, processes, tools, and culture, and we were looking for a group activity that would enable us to have fun while also reinforcing how best to work with multi-functional, large-scale groups. After spending time talking with Steve, we knew he understood how to take these concepts and translate learning into fun activities. We certainly did not know what to expect, and our team was a mixture of folks who were "very nervous” and “can’t wait to get started.” Everyone learned something and were still talking about it the next day. Thanks VooDoo for a great event!

Mike Davis, TaskRay

Why Voodoo  - Voodoo made the entire process easy for my company. Of the companies I reached out to, Steve was the first to respond and made it clear for me they were going to be the easiest to work with. When the team arrived, I had completed the prep call weeks ago but notes were taken about what our team makeup was and what our goals for the session were. Steve did a great job making everyone comfortable and building slowly for all the noobs in the group.

Why Improv for teambuilding - Don't be intimidated, it was very inclusive and engaging. Everyone on the team will laugh together and build trust as well as work on skills that are applicable to business! This was the first exposure to improv for almost everyone in our group of 12 but no one felt out of place. It was seriously the best teambuilding event I have done in my career.

Leah Caputo, JA Rocky Mountain

Our whole office went to Voodoo for team bonding. Steve Wilder did such an awesome job getting us to realize what we already knew about working together, but that we also had a lot to learn. The games built on each other extremely well and it was so comfortable and fun! It was so easy to forget that we there for bonding time and not just for after work fun. You can definitely tell Steve and the Voodoo staff want to show that improv skills can be used for so much more than the stage!!

Miriam Frick, Kid To Kid of Aurora

We used Voodoo for our staff Christmas party and it was super easy, fun and I received so much positive feedback from my employees. It was a great night all around!

Anonymous Class Survey

Improv taught me how much one’s bravery can inspire and give strength to others. I know there were times when many of us including myself were hesitant or unsure about participating in certain activities but there were always a few brave souls that were eager to jump in. Their bravery was infectious and encouraged everyone to happily join in, leading to a funny and bizarre yet rewarding experience!

Dan Frailey, RuMe

Thanks for an incredible event! Really rave reviews from the team. Everyone had a blast. We're actually discussing doing a company wide event now!

Viola Schwartz, Cherry Creek Schools

For the second year in a row, I included Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in an immersion class on improvisation. Steve Wilder was an amazing instructor who made them laugh, think, and be inspired. After the 2-hour workshop, we were treated to a two-man, long-form improv show which was both awe-inspiring for its wit and speed, AND hilarious! We will come back every year and I enthusiastically recommend Voodoo Comedy Playhouse!

Anonymous Class Survey

The thing that struck me the most was that I felt way more comfortable doing improv than I anticipated. I do not like being embarrassed or being the center of attention so I was SUPER nervous to do improv, but once we started, it was really fun. I think it was so fun and so much less stressful than anticipated because of the group I was with. We were all making ourselves vulnerable and being silly and that made us all feel comfortable to just go for it. I think the lesson I can take away from it is to just put myself out there more and not stress myself out about new things before they happen!

Anonymous Class Survey

I really enjoyed our office team-building retreat at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Steve Wilder and Misty Saribal did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable- not an easy task for our large group, as there is definitely a mix of personalities- and encouraging participation but not pressuring anyone too far out of their comfort zone. Group activities were active and engaging and their staff was able to debrief with us and help us relate things back to our work. Highly recommend for something fun and out-of-the-box!

Kristi Guinn, Steele Cooperative Preschool

We held a private fundraiser at the Voodoo for our preschool, and Steve Wilder was fantastic to work with from time of booking through the wrap-up of the event. The professional and responsive team at the Voodoo helped us plan and execute a very successful event! The improv show and silent mobile auction went great, and we loved the intimate venue space. I'll definitely look for an opportunity in the future to host another event at the Voodoo!

Anonymous Survey,

Terrific experience! It was really fun and a great ice breaker for everyone. Steve Wilder was excellent and the venue fantastic!