Let’s Feel Good About Something

With all the terrible things happening in the world these past few weeks, you can’t surf the net without seeing that stuff everyday. While that stuff is important, it’s also important to take a step away from it and maybe just check out some positive things that are happening in the world at the same time. When I got to work this morning the first thing I did was Google “Good News”. I think maybe that should be a weekly exercise for people who use the internet all the time. Or even if you only use it once a week. Although this is a comedy blog, nothing here is really funny but I think you just need to feel good. Here are a few things that I found through my search that should help you through the day.

Dr-Ivankovich                                                 Surgeon Treats Thousands Unable To Pay


uLMER                                                Teacher Starts Everday With Compliments


bikes-Mitchell-Police-Department-FB                                               Bikes Restored by Inmates For Kids without Bikes

I hope these things make your day better and maybe even inspire you to do something kind even if it’s something very small.

-KJ Willy






New Chris Farley Documentary!

Skipping along the fair, vast meadows of the world wide internets, I stumbled upon something I had not yet previously heard about. Apparently there has been a documentary about the one and only Chris Farley being made for awhile now. Why haven’t I heard of this? I don’t know but I’m happy now.

The title is “I Am Chris Farley”. The “I Am” thing looks like it’s turning out to be a series. The guys making this film are the same guys who made I Am Evel Knievel”, “I Am Steve McQueen”, and “I Am Bruce Lee” which all should be worth a watch.

Quite a bit of notable folks were interviewed about Chris and their experiences with them. The list includes “Christina Applegate, Tom Arnold, Dan Aykroyd, Bo Derek, Pat Finn, Jon Lovitz, Lorne Michaels, Jay Mohr, Mike Myers, Bob Odenkirk, Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Brian Stack and Fred Wolf, and family members including his brother Kevin, a comedian and actor, and his brothers Tom Jr. and Johnny, with sister Barbara.”

The trailer for the film isn’t up on the official website yet but it has popped up all over the net somehow. Behold:

This will be shown in a few select theaters in a few big US cities including New York, LA, Philly, and others. The World TV premiere will be on Spike on August 10th at 10 pm eastern. If you don’t know about Farley…….well wtf? Watch this and pretend you saw it 5 years ago.

Well here’s to another couple months of waiting, cheers!

-KJ Willy


You can pre-order a copy here.


Last night my wife and I got the chance to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” and I am happy to say it was hilarious. A little late but I guess this is for the skeptics? There was only one small problem, I could not even remember anything about the first one. Not because it wasn’t good, but because i watched it five years ago in 2010. Well I guess I’ll just have to go back in time to watch the first one again…..

The movie stars Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke. Warning! John Cusak is not in this movie, which is a little sad. But they make up for it by adding Christian Slater haha. Let’s check out a preview.

If you haven’t checked this out yet do not hesitate, you will laugh your ass off I promise.

You might have caught a part of this song in the trailer:

This song was actually written for the movie by OK GO, which was a little surprising and made me want to check out more of their stuff. Here is the full version I found on Youtube. It’s a pretty good tune, not sure why Cusak is in the pic.


Here’s a little promo they did on Conan:

Check out Clark Duke’s show with Micheal Cera here.

-KJ Willy

More Vine Flavors

Random Vine day! Currently searching for random folks on Vine that make me laugh. If you’re ever bored as hell, not doin a damn thing ( well first you should listen to this song: Crudbump – “I Don’t Do Shit” ) then you can just search around on Vine for an hour or six. It’s what Crudbump would do. There’s so many Viners that are funny, I’ll just have to choose three and do some more vine flavors later on. This first one is a young fellow, which seems to be the majority of Viners, for obvious reasons.


Kitchen Fun

This is how you feel right now if you are at work.


Logan Paul. You quite possibly have already heard of Logan cause he’s been on a couple TV commercials. He spends his time doing what boys do, and vining it all.

Embarassing his brother.

Being wasteful.

Being absolutely Ridiculous.

There are some older fellows who participate on Vine as well I’ve found. This guy is a trucker.


Good Morning.

Trucker Testament.

No time for that.

We’ll check out some more viners another day, until then, keep on truckin!

-KJ Willy




Tom Brady’s Balls Are Perfect – Songify This Group

Howdy Folks the sole purpose of this post is to showcase a hilarious new song by some folks on Youtube called Songify This. We’ve all heard and are already bored of the Deflate Gate involving Tom Brady and the patriots. This video/song is the best thing that has came from this whole scandal (except for the fine and the suspension, ahem). I advise you to sit back and enjoy this wonderful tune, especially if you are a patriots fan. Or any other team of course, because you don’t like the patriots obviously.

Bahahaha. Man. Instant Classic. Well while we’re at it why not check out some of this guy’s previous work. They will get stuck in your head. Here’s a recent one featuring the president and others.

Haven’t been able to get that one out of my head for awhile now. Let’s dig further into this channel. Here’s something quite special. It’s the plot of Home Alone, made into a song. Quite amazing, one of my favorites.

I leave you to replay all three of these for ten days.

-KJ Willy

Your Man Proops. “Is your grandmother a time bomb?”

Greg Proops is the man. He is one of the current Kings of Improv comedy, as a result of him doing “Whose Line Is It Anyway” for 25 years, where everything thing is made up and the points don’t matter. Something I learned is that he was also a stand-up comic. He has 5 comedy albums! We have all seen the whose line episodes, so I will spare you the clips, but just go to youtube if you wish to see more!

Here’s an appearance at the Montreal Comedy Festival HAHAHA!

If you really want to get to know more about Greg he appeared on a great podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now” hosted by Joey “CoCo” Diaz (who is always a true classic) and they had a conversation that lasted one hour and forty-five minutes. I highly recommend it.


If you wish to delve deeper into the existence of Greg Proops please go to his website, or check out his very own podcast entitled “The Smartest Man in the World”. Check out one episode here:


The podcast has spawned a book which is going to be released in May of this year. Learn all about the upcoming book at it’s very own website! 🙂

-KJ Willy

The Mott Campus Clowns

There’s a lot of things we’ve talked about in the past that have been strictly for adults (unless you’re a twelve year old who’s surfing the net without you’re parents knowing, I guess no one is stopping you?). Today though, we’re going to talk about something that is strictly for kids, to make them laugh.

The Mott Campus Clowns are a travelling band of clowns that is actually an educational program at the Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan. Being a clown is on a semester basis and there are requirements: you have to have good grades and you have to be taking a certain social class that kind of goes hand in hand with being a travelling clown.

When you first see the clowns, you immediately notice how detailed and extravagant their clown attire is! These are by far the best clown suits Ive ever seen hands down, spared no expense. These group of clowns, which is ever evolving, different students in and out each semester. Here is their “About” description on their Facebook page: “The Campus Clowns hail from Mott Community College in Flint, MI. All clown troupe members are enrolled in HONS 251: Social Diversity and Civic Engagement. As a requirement for this experiential lab, students must complete 45 service learning hours at elementary schools, parades, community agencies and the Special Olympics. This October, the Campus Clowns introduced a school anti-bully program for K-3rd grade students. All clown appearances are directed by Brian Ivory, Honors Coordinator. Dr. Ivory (AKA Bubby the Clown) is a 1987 graduate of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. The clown troupe is supported by Mott Community College and its Campus Life Enrichment Fund.” Here’s a good video to show what they do:



Now here’s one that will make you laugh that they made in Philly while travelling! Haha!

Well, feel good folks!

-KJ Willy

Tributes to Robin You Haven’t Seen or Heard

After all the dust has settled from the shock across the world when the news broke about Robin, what we have left is to celebrate his life through the many online tributes and of course re-watching his life’s work. As my wife said when talking about his stand-up “comedy doesn’t just make you laugh you become connected to the person not just the jokes. and when you laugh it doesn’t just help you feel good inside it makes the comedian feel good and and it’s just a giant room full of happy people”. So don’t forget to re-watch his specials. Skimming through the tons and tons of youtube tributes, I found these, a video and a couple songs that you might not have seen yet. These won’t bring you down. 🙂 The last one is my favorite.

The first one is a really great tribute from the Alladin broadway cast after the performance.

This one is probably something you never thought you’d hear. It’s a TRAP song dedicated to Robin Williams.


And my favorite one is a song/video combo byt the one and only Melodysheep. he makes tribute videos to all sorts of great people.

Thanks for watching/reading and Seize the day!

-KJ Willy

Five of the Most Popular Karaoke Songs in Denver, CO

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse - Denver KaraokeIf you’ve been thinking about something fun and different to do for your nighttime entertainment, you’re not alone. Many of us have been taking to events like comedy and karaoke for something different to do. If you’re considering trying a night of karaoke for fun, here is a list of what very well could be  the five most popular karaoke songs in the Denver, Co area to consider before taking the stage:

5. “Juke Box Hero” – Particularly for the thirty-something year old male demographic, this is a fan favorite for many reasons. It’s got a distinctly powerful rock anthem feel to it, it allows you to scream the chorus at the top of your lungs, and it’s also one of the greatest air guitar songs ever created.

4. “Hold On” – I wonder if Wilson Phillips realized they were creating the female version of the rock anthem when they released this song back in 1990? Truthfully, it’s hard to find a group of three ladies in a bar who don’t want to sing this song at the top of their lungs for everyone to …’ahem’ enjoy.

3. “Livin’ on a Prayer” – Classic karaoke or painfully impossible for any mere human with actual male testosterone in their body’s to sing? For some reason, every guy who grew up in the 80’s wants to sing this one, and it almost always results in lost voices and even more lost respect. Seriously guys, before attempting this one think about it… really think about it. 

2. “Friends in Low Places” – Universally enjoyed by almost everybody, this is a crowd pleaser whether you’re a fan of country, rock, pop, or anything else. Forget about your troubles for four minutes; put your arm around the person closest to you whether they are male or female, friend or foe; and begin the bellowing of these catchy and totally harmless lyrics. Yes, beer will be spilled as you sway back and forth with anywhere from five to fifty of your closest friends, but it’ll all be worth it at least until the next guy gets up there and attempts a Bon Jovi song again. Just pray it’s something other than Livin’ on a Prayer.

1. “Rocky Mountain High” – Was there really any doubt this would be the number one most popular karaoke song in this area? Yes, just as Pearl Jam reigns supreme in Seattle and Aerosmith lives forever in Boston, John Denver is immortal in Colorado. It makes me wonder if the song “Country Roads” is just as popular in West Virginia?

“The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse” in Denver, CO features some of the world’s best karaoke on Friday nights. With no admission fee, no drink minimum, and a songbook that includes over 30,000 songs, it just may be the best karaoke experience available. Please contact us today for more information. 

10 Reasons you Need to Be Singing Karaoke

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse - Denver KaraokeYou walk into the bar or club, and you hear it.  You wonder what that sound is.  You realize it’s music.  You begin to make out the melody and the words.  The songs are classic pop-culture.  You’ve heard them on the radio, and some you know by heart — but you don’t recognize the voice singing the song. (And you’re sure that note might be a little flat.) Then it hits you.  You’ve just walked into the wonderful world of karaoke at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in Denver, Colorado

It looks like a lot of fun, but you’re uncertain you want to join in.  Understandably, a lot of people are hesitant to stand up in front of strangers and open themselves up to embarrassment and ridicule.  Others just lack confidence.  These people are missing out on a number of benefits that karaoke can provide.  So dig up some courage, and join in! 

1.  You’ll Have Fun with Your Friends

This benefit is a bit obvious, but spending time with friends in a light-heated activity can be a bonding experience.  Signing with another person also creates a sense of community.

2.  You’ll Build Your Confidence

The more you put yourself out there in front of an audience, the easier it will become.  You’re building confidence in yourself, and stretching your abilities. 

3.  Singing Makes You Happy

Signing releases endorphins into the brain, improving your mood, and giving you a natural high.

4.  You’ll get a Workout

Singing increases the air in your lungs, as you’re breathing deeper, and the gets the blood pumping through your heart.  You’re also using your stomach muscles, specifically your diaphragm, to control the air moving in and out of your voice.

5.  Singing is Good for Your Respiratory System

As stated above, signing increases the air in your lungs.  This increases the circulation of air in your body and your lung capacity overall.  As more air passes and circulates, it strengthens your lungs, and clears your respiratory tubes and sinuses.

6.  Singing is a Stress-Reliever

The brain also releases oxytocin, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

7.  Signing Improves Your Voice

Articulation is stressed through signing instruction, and this will carry over into your speaking voice.  You also improve through practice. 

8.  Signing is Good for Your Brain

When you memorize lyrics, you are exercising your brain by concentrating.  Signing involves multiple senses, which increase brain function.

So get on stage and belt out your best “Don’t Stop Believin’!”  You’ll reap all of the benefits listed above, as well as cheers from the crowd!  Still skeptical?  Action is the best test. 

The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in Denver features KARAOKE on Friday nights, with a songbook of over 30,000 songs and the most fun and supportive karaoke crowd anywhere in town. Plus, it’s FREE, with no drink minimums!  Contact us for more information.