“Keep Your Eyes OFF The Road!” Workshop with Rolland Lopez


What do I say or do next? That’s a common question in improv, and often, we look at the road ahead to try and figure it out. But the road ahead isn’t written yet and we end up inventing or focusing on plot – so now we’re writing in our head and hoping our partners can read our minds and go with us down that path!!! That takes the joy out of the collaboration and creation that makes improv so fulfilling! (not to mention, that it’s just hard!) This workshop teaches students that to move forward in a scene it is easier to look back on what you and your partner have already created and pull from there. To be truly “in the moment” in a scene, you can’t look down the road and ask where it’s going…you can only create with your partner and when the scene is over look back and marvel at where you ended up. So, keep your eyes off the road!

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