“Out of Sight”: Unpopular Opinion’s Rolling Thunder Comedy Revue

October 10, 2016 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
"Out of Sight":  Unpopular Opinion's Rolling Thunder Comedy Revue


Your favorite personalities from the Unpopular Opinion podcast come to town for one night only, for no other reason than to tell jokes directly to your face. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Adam Tod Brown, Jeff May, Alex Schmidt and Tom Reimann live and in person. It will be a night you’ll tell the grandkids about someday, assuming they’re into stand-up comedy. Don’t miss it!

Adam Tod Brown – Adam is the creator and host of the Unpopular Opinion podcast and an editor and columnist at Cracked.com. He does comedy all around the country. You should see him sometime. Like at the show you’re reading about right now, perhaps!

Jeff May – Jeff is the most frequent guest on Unpopular Opinion and, by the time you read this, may or may not be the host of a show on SyFy TV. He’s one of the hardest working comics in Los Angeles and also one of the best. You’d be silly not to see him if given the chance. This is your chance!

Alex Schmidt – Alex is an editor and video writer at Cracked.com. His videos are some of the most beloved on the site, and his stand-up comedy jokes are pretty great too. You’re lucky to have him in your town. Damn lucky.

Tom Reimann – Tom is an editor, columnist and video writer at Cracked. He’s also a musician and he tells jokes! Is there anything this guy can’t do? Yes, absolutely! But he won’t be doing any of that when you come to this show! No, sir or ma’am. Only the best for you.


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