The Suit & Tie Comedy Special: One More Tie

June 11, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)

$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)

The Suit & Tie Comedy Special: One More Tie - Standup ComedyIt’s that time once again, guys and dolls! We’re standing up and looking fresh! Suit and Tie Comedy proudly presents “The Suit and Tie Comedy Special: One More Tie”. We’ve got only the finest comedians in Denver here for you tonight, with Cal Sheridan as your gracious host. Cal Sheridan has been on the Lafayette Comedy Show, as well as EUGE! Chuckles, Chuck Roy’s Dirty XXX-Mas Show, and the Greenlight Comedy Hour. He also hosted The Suit and Tie Comedy Special, the original. at the Bug Theatre. And so, he’s back, ladies and gents, and with him he’s bringing his brand of observational comedy, as well as some faces both familiar AND unfamiliar, but all of them are certain to put a smile on your face!

Kyle Burtman is the host of Monkey’n Around at the Monkey Bar, as well as the monthly showcase All Jacked Up at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. This guy is all puns. He lives, breathes, and eats puns. Plus his facial hair is enough to make anyone crack up. All the charm of a typical melodrama villain.

Andres Becerril is a dark comedian, someone who finds the pains of day to day life his greatest source of comedic inspiration. He is witty, sarcastic and an overall brilliant comedian. One of Denver’s finest.

Will Mierzwa is the proud owner of the world’s most depressing bachelor apartment, filled to the brim with cans of spam and messy Hawaiian shirts. For this show, however, we managed to get him to clean up his wardrobe. Just don’t expect him to clean up his act! Denver Comedy’s “business casual degenerate” and host of DayTOADa 500, Mr. Mierzwa’s a story based comic, filled with cautionary tales, such as what NOT to bring to a company potluck! He’s funny, he’s real, he’s Will Mierzwa.

Jeff Koehn is one of the kinkiest Evangelists you’ll ever meet. Let’s just say, the good word isn’t the only thing he likes to spread… But really he’s just a good old fashion Wisconsinite trying to get by in a big city, and he’s chosen the best possible way to do so. He’s very subtle, but highly brilliant.

Timmi Lasley is one of the more various entertainers in this show, because along with stand-up, she’s got a bit of professional acting under her belt! She’s also premiere hostess at El Charrito’s “Comedy Room Room” and hosts a bunch of different shows there. Her quirky, outlandish, nerdariffic jokes are a reflection on her pure “Timmi-ness”. Let’s just say, you’ll have to see it to found out! She’s an experience!

And your headliner:
Chuck Roy, as seen on Ralphie May’s Filthy Animal Tour, is one of the gayest comedians you will ever see. Also known as “Bear”, he will explain to you the intricacies of gay culture in hilarious detail, from the definition of a “Pickle Park” to an in-depth analysis upon the mysterious creatures known as “Homeless Twinks”. Funny, dirty, and yes… VERY gay, Chuck is one of the founders of Denver’s great comedy scene, and the perfect headliner.

Classily clad, these comedians are sure to make you laugh your britches off!! However, if you don’t like utterly hysterical comedy… suit yourself!

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