Suit and Tie Comedy Christmas Special: Under the MistleTie!

November 26, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)
Suit and Tie Comedy Christmas Special: Under the MistleTie!

$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)

Deck the halls, guys and dolls! Christmas was never this funny OR fancy!! It’s time for a Suit and Tie Comedy Christmas Special, and for this special occasion we’re taking you all Under the MistleTie! As usual, your host for this fine November evening is none other than the Suit and Tie Comedian, Cal Sheridan! You may recognize him from the Colorado Comedy Showcase, EUGE! Chuckles, Chuck Roy’s Dirty XXX-Mas Show, and of course the first Suit and Tie Comedy Special and The Suit and Tie Comedy Special: One More Tie! Mr. Sheridan has a very distinct way of telling jokes; the long way! His observations and clever puns, infused with his naturally slow speaking voice, makes for a laugh and a half! And also normal for one of these shows is the colorful variety of comedians Cal brings with him every time! Santa isn’t the only one with a sack of goodies. Meet YOUR presents!!

Zach Welch is new, clever, and gay. He’s been a regular on Monkey’n Around, and with good reason Zach Welch’s comedy is like a donut; his jokes may taste good, but they might hurt your heart. He happily tells us that being gay isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s definitely a walk on stage!

Jeff Koehn is a believer in two things: Jesus, and ball gags! Did you ever think you’d hear a good old fashion Wisconsin boy talk about Craigslist dates and STDs? Well, this cheesehead takes the cake in kinkiness, don’tcha know, and he’s back for his second Suit and Tie special! Returning is his subtle brand of comedy, Jeff Koehn is a perfect candidate to say the Christmas prayer, just… expect something a little filthier than just peace on earth! Nevertheless, he’ll put a smile on your, and the baby Jesus’s, faces!!

Jill Tasei is a single mother of multiple boys, so she’s got stories with an attitude to tell ‘em!!!! An important part of Colorado Comedy Shows, you may have seen her on the Colorado Comedy Showcase and Chuck Roy’s XXX-Mas Show, but you also might’ve seen her on Nickelodeon’s NickMom’s Night Out. The Mother of All Comedy, Jill Tasei has almost too much attitude for one person, which makes her a must-see act!

Jack Barton takes us back to a time when comedy was so much simpler, and yet so much more complex. The father of Terri Barton Gregg, this new oldie (or “old newbie”) is fresh on the scene, but you may have seen him on the Colorado Comedy Showcase a few times, and those of you who’ve lived in Denver for a while may recognize him as the owner of Kacey Fine Furniture and possibly even as his term as The Mayor of Wazee Street! He’s lived a life of business, and he’s finally conquering the one business he hasn’t yet; show! He tells the old jokes with a new twist like you’ve never seen before!

But what’s that big present on the far right? Why, that’s your headliner of course!!

This time, Cal called upon a real heavy hitter!! You may recognize John Novosad, AKA Hippieman, fromThe Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. This wild card of comedy looks crazy, but he’s actually WAY crazier! Nearly 30 years of experience in the field, everyone is extremely lucky that he set his cardboard flag in the weed-infused soil of Denver! He’s a cool old cat, and we’re excited to present him! After all, have YOU ever seen a hippie in a suit?!

Stop on by!! $10 at the door, but the special Suit and Tie price of $8 online!! Start your holidays the only way you should: fancy and funny!

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