Shock & Awe Sketch Show w/ The Quiet Kids

May 31, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
$8 advance, $10 door

About Shock & Awe Sketch Show:

Absurd sketches with a: Hey A, why don’t fish talk? Why S? Because they can’t put their foot in their mouths.

Shock and Awe Sketch Show is a high energy, fast pace, absurd sketch show with a Laugh-In feel. Short comedy sketches are written and performed by the cast members that have visited the land of Oz of Never-land. The show will address topics ranging from problems in political, fair tales, love, and to celebrating food, instruments, animals and no problems at all. The review is in from the land of Oz of Never-land.
Pan the Wizard says “Shock and Awe Sketch Show is the perfect show to pair with soda and art.”.



About The Quiet Kids:

It’s like watching a made-for-TV movie made just for you!

Want to see a wedding in a crawl space? A prom in a janitor’s closet? Or a divorce in a break room? With just a suggestion of a major life event and a room, the Quiet Kids will razzle and dazzle with their made-for-TV movie narrative style. A unique breed of bit-slingers and characters, The Quiet Kids are excited to perform their take on the fancy French long-form improv narrative called, La Round!

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