Physicality, Movement & Using Space w/ Nick Trotter (Wed 11/13 – Wed 12/11)

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy (Annex)
  • Instructor(s): Nick Trotter
  • Price: $124

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This special workshop runs 7:00 – 9:00 PM on Wednesday evenings, Wed 11/13 – Wed 12/11 (no class Wed 11/27).

Improv and comedy are often seen as essentially verbal arts. I disagree! We will explore using our bodies to engage the space of the theatre, so that we can break out of “talking head” improv. We will explore how to use the whole stage to create dynamic action, using crosses, the margins, upstage and downstage, tableaus and stage picture for theatrical effect, so that we don’t feel trapped in the center. We will talk about status relationships and how to claim (or concede) space as active choices for character and conflict. The class includes Lecoq-based study of stillness and tension, and an introduction to Viewpoints.

This is a class for EVERYONE, and all types of physical ability are welcome. Even injuries and adaptive devices can be used to create power, in movement and space, especially if our partners play along. The class will also directly address personal boundaries, which for everyone can shift from day to day, and will teach methods to empower you to play dynamically at your own comfort level. Please come as you are! You already have the power!

Nick Trotter is an actor and puppeteer who specializes in Clown, Bouffon, and Commedia dell’Arte, and he is a mask and nose maker. He has an MFA (2009) from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. He is an instructor in Theater at Community College of Denver, and his project Circo de Nada regularly performs improv at Voodoo Comedy, where he teaches improv and movement. He has presented workshops at the Alaska State Improv Festival, the Arcata Playhouse and other venues, and has also taught improv at Bovine Metropolis Theater.