Phantasmagoria (Improv Comedy)

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  • Next Date: September 21, 2019 11:00 PM
  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy
  • Price: $8 adv, $10 door (+ fees)

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Phantasmagoria is Denver’s only waking comedy nightmare.

Absurd and creative, this show is a truly unique experience. Alternative Denver comedians perform improvised sketch comedy with a format and content that change from show to show. Each performance, the audience is transported into an alternate dimension of reality inhabited by characters and creatures that delight and disgust. Phantasmagoria combines elements of comedy, drama, and horror to create a genre all its own.

Previous shows have seen a motivational speaker who has escaped from a dumpster to confront his kidnapper (another motivational speaker of the same name), talk show hosts who become demonically possessed and perform a ritual sacrifice, and a touching coming-of-age musical about a tweenage girl where the audience was collectively tasked with playing the role of the girl’s mother. The only thing audiences can expect is a night of humor, horror, and hedonism.

Phantasmagoria is a Denver-based collective of visual and performance artists. After being concocted in a vat of nuclear moon goo by rogue members of a communist wizard cult, this group began producing videos and live shows in 2017. The current regular performers for their show at Voodoo are Katherine Clancy, TJ Clancy, and Mike Schwanke. They have performed at multiple comedy clubs and house shows around Denver and have previously produced Voodoo shows Tonight Tonight, Rumpus Room, and You Up? Presents: Quiznos Presents: The You Up? Late Late Night Talk Show Show.

Members of this collective also make up Revideolution Productions; a group that produces video projects, visual art, and comedy/music shows in Denver.