“Narrative Improvisation” Workshop With Andy Crouch


Human beings are creatures of Story. You’ve consumed tens of thousands of narratives over the course of your brief life and are wired to process the world in terms of pattern, expectation and change. This workshop will cover some of the most basic ways to translate your natural instincts into improv gold. You’ll be up on your feet playing games, scenes and exercises that work your story muscles – generating characters we want to see more of, recognizing the moment where emotional change is fun and satisfying, and ultimately being willing to win or lose big. Whether you’re doing a three-minute scene or a full-length play in the style of Shakespeare, narrative is a useful tool for your improv bag of tricks.

Andy Crouch Andy Crouch fell in love with improv in 2001 because it was cool, scary and seemed like it might change his life forever. More than a decade later he makes his living as the Education and Corporate Training Director at the Hideout Theatre in Austin. He gets to invent and direct new show formats every year, including Fakespeare, Fandom: Improvised Fan Fiction, the award-winning Live Nude Improv, and the currently best-selling Next Week On…Game of Thrones. The scariest, coolest improv he’s doing these days is entertaining his two-year-old daughter.

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