MSU Denver Rowdy Town w/ Slackline (Improv Comedy)

Event Details

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

MSU Denver Rowdy Town: What happens when you get a bunch of college students doing comedy on one stage? They get Rowdy!

Rowdy Town is a combination of the old and new works of comedy. From complaining about the prices of avocados being way to high, to hashtag everything we do! Rowdy Town will always has to something, we’re college students. Rowdy Town strides itself as Metropolitan State University of Denver’s very own improv team, we learn a lot of new games and engaged activities but our attention span is about as long as an ad on Youtube. While watching Rowdy Town you’ll become fully engaged on the dynamic of how college students become proper adults, tell tales of mystery and fables. When you leave the show after watching of Rowdy Town’s you’ll be all riled up to see more!

Slackline: Taking your lines and adding the slack in between

With a rotating cast every week, Slackline’s close-knit team combines short and long form improv to make a whacky show as dramatic as a circus act. Everything is made up on the spot based on audience suggestions–even we don’t know what’s going to happen! We take your lines and incorporate them into each game we play, and then at the end with a full-circle story at the beginning, middle, and end. You know the lines, and we fill in the rest!