Mentally (ch)ill (Improv Comedy)

Mentally (ch)ill (Improv Comedy)

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Next Show DateMarch 12, 2020 9:00 PM
Price$8 advance, $10 door (+ $1 ticketing fee)
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Mentally (ch)ill is a team of improvisors who all have first hand experience with mental illness. Our goal is to allow others into our brains for a night to facilitate an exchange of ideas and feelings that not all people may be aware of. Come equipped with questions on what it’s like to be mentally ill on a daily basis! Spoiler alert: it’s exhausting.

There’s this idea in our culture right now where you’re supposed to put on a happy face, dust yourself off and get right back up again, and never under any circumstances let people see that you’re hurting. We think that’s bullshit. We think that the way humans connect with each other in a meaningful way is by letting our truest selves be seen and heard, it’s not always going to be pretty, but it is the most courageous way of existing. People are ashamed and embarrassed to talk about the things that really matter: love, loss, death, grief, feelings of being flawed, never enough, loneliness, etc. Well, not us. We’re going to cover it all. So buckle up and get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even feel moderately uncomfortable.

Mentally (ch)ill (Improv Comedy)Together we are Mentally (Ch)ill and individually we are Joy Carletti, Natalie Grimes, Colleen Murphy, Erin Rafaels, and Sean Wissing. We’re beyond excited to bring to you a night unabashed vulnerability.

This show is made possible with support from Growth Counseling Group, Peak Mental Health Services, and The Molecule Effect.