LOVESEAT w/ Mouse Couch (Improv Comedy)

LOVESEAT w/ Mouse Couch - Improv Comedy

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Next Show DateMarch 21, 2020 9:00 PM
Price$13 advance, $15 door (+ $1 ticketing fee)
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LOVESEAT with Mouse Couch is a two course meal of long form improvisation. Each week Mouse Couch invites a team they love to present a long form appetizer that hints at what you’ll see in the main course. Then Mouse Couch bends, stretches and breaks your expectations.

Mouse Couch takes an organic journey from the everyday to the fantastical — from teenage shenanigans on a tilt-o-whirl to the moon or from a dance contest to the inside of a T-Rex. They discover next idea in the moment and bring the audience along with them, one simple step at a time. The Mouse Couch philosophy is to play characters that love each other, use big physicality to inform choices/emotion and surrender to the group mind. Each show takes a unique form and plays with a unique theme, but it is always one hundred percent Mouse Couch.