The Laboratory: Standup Comedy Open Mic (FREE SHOW!)

October 19, 2016 @ 10:00 pm – October 20, 2016 @ 12:00 am
The Laboratory: Standup Comedy Open Mic (FREE SHOW!)

The Laboratory is a free comedy open mic for performers of all skill levels, from pros to first timers. Experiment with your creativity and gather data to improve your skills, or simply sit back and enjoy the show at the only open mic in Colorado at a bonafide comedy club. Enjoy the company of performers with comedic backgrounds ranging from stand up, to sketch, to improvising, to working in a warehouse down at the docks. Sign up at 9:30pm, and the show runs from 10pm to midnight. Bring your friends and be ready to laugh!

About the host:
Nicholai Roscoe is a comic from Boston, who found the ocean deeply unsettling and moved to the mountains. He achieved a degree in Neuroscience in order to annoy people at parties and amass a large dept. It has been said he is only happy with a microphone in his hands, but his friends know that he is never happy. He has performed in dive bars, at dog park, in a bus, and at the famous Comedy Studio and Comedy Works.