KROMPF: Strip down the Game and Make it Broad (location: off-site)

April 8, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Savoy at Curtis Park (Red door on South side)
2700 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO 80205
$50 per day OR $90 for both days
Tom Smaldone
(720) 351-2081

$50 per day OR $90 for both days

See how you can strip down the game of the scene to its bare bones and broaden its possibilities. Take the mystery out of what ‘the funny’ of the scene is and know what it is.  With these game skills you’ll start to make magical connections that help you create the ultimate ensemble improv piece.

We encourage performers to sign up for both, but here is a breakdown of what will be taught in each workshop:

PART ONE: Strip Down The Game
$50 (Sat. April 8th  – 11am-2pm)

Part one is an introduction to UCB’s game. It’s ideal for novice improvisors but also a great opportunity for more experienced improvisors to break down the basics.

PART TWO: Executing the KROMPF
$50 (Sun. April 9th  – 11am-2pm)

People who have a good grasp on game can just take the part 2 or if they have taken a workshop with Amey before. Advanced players should have no problem.

About the Instructor:

Amey Goerlich, M.I. Westside Comedy LA, UCB NY :

Amey Goerlich, M.I. Westside Comedy LA, UCB NY

Amey is the only female in the 15 year-old UCB indie quartet known as KROMPF.  She teaches her KROMPF classes independently in NYC & in LA.  She has taught her game workshop at many improv tests around the country, most recently at the Tampa Bay Improv Festival, Omaha Improv festival and San Diego Improv Festival in Feb 2017.  Currently she is living in Los Angeles and teaching/performing at M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre. She runs The Improvisation Training Hub for independent Improv teachers in NYC & LA.  She was the Host and Coordinator of Indie Cage Match at UCBeast for 5 years 2011-2016. She was the Artistic Director of the virtual theatre E-MPROV.  A long form improviser from 2001-2016 at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and she has coached over 400+ long form improv teams (some online like from Bali).

She has studied under Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts, Kevin Mullaney, Michael Delaney and many others. Directed/Coached UCB NY Maude Teams, Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit).  Her most recent improv teams in NYC - Spoiled Space Monkeys, Fart Police, Chica go go and at DCM every year with KROMPF and Wicked Fuckin’ Queeah.

You can see her House Team Lucy (Faculty Team) at Westside Comedy Theatre starting in Feb 2017. Check out her web series Best Cupcakes in the World on YouTube.  You can also hear her talk improv on Jimmy Carranes Improv Nerd Podcast taped at The Steelstacks Improv Fest 2014, The recent Improv Resource Center podcast with Kevin Mullaney and coming out this month an interview about online coaching and teaching on the improv refinery podcast.

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