House Team Wednesday: Towel Play + Sharks & Rec

April 24, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)

Each Wednesday from 8pm-9pm, we rotate amongst Voodoo Comedy Playhouse’s house team with two of the below house teams performing!  Read about each house team below!

About Towel Play

In the tradition of Bill Murray, John Candy, and Stephen Colbert, comes Towel Play performing the most legendary form in improvised comedy, Del Close’s Harold. Enjoy Voodoo Comedy Playhouse’s newest house team as they conjure up the spirits of this revered form.

About Broad Squad

Broad Squad is a group of sweet and crass women who will make you laugh! These broads observe life as women and humans…the good, the bad, and the hilarious. They perform an improv set sparked from audience inquiries. Ask them anything. They’ll address your questions and clarify the mysteries of being a WOMAN.

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About Sharks & Rec:

Sharks attack!

In improv comedy everything is fair game for Sharks and Rec….we explore the deep, we propel to great heights, and we take big bites out of this crazy thing called life.










About Hairstyles of the Damned:

What do you get when you wear Jorts to a Juice Party? Hairstyles of the Damned. The most beloved grad classes (Jorts and Juice Party) are joining forces to tackle the Harold and make you laugh.

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