Fresh & Clean with Big Jake (Stand Up Comedy)

Fresh & Clean with Big Jake (Stand Up Comedy)

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Next Show DateMarch 10, 2020 8:00 PM
Price$8 advance, $10 door (+ $1 ticketing fee)
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Nothing makes comedy more unfunny or uncomfortable than a comic who is either an unoriginal hack or a shock jock wannabe. That’s why Fresh and Clean with Big Jake is so funny. The comics in this showcase are committed to tell original jokes without trying to use gross or offensive language to shock the audience into uncomfortable laughter.

This show is packed with really funny comedians. Plus, you can take your mom, a first date, or your pastor to see this show without fear of squirming. Well, maybe not your pastor. This show is for anyone who loves to laugh, but it is especially for those who love to laugh and would prefer not to have men describe their “shortcomings” from the stage.

Comedy unifies people across all backgrounds. It is a force of nature which binds humanity, and clean comedy is the most powerful force of all. Some of the best comedians today fall into this category such as: Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Hawkins, John Crist, and Ellen DeGeneres. NOTE: It is unlikely than any of those comedians will perform at this show, but you never know.

Lineup for Tuesday 3/10/2020:

  • Michael Seyedian
  • Bobcat Rabovsky
  • Michael Jeffries
  • Mithun John
  • Shanel Hughes
  • Michael Isaacs