Flock Back to the Future w/ The Quiet Kids (Improv Comedy)

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Flock Back To The Future: The end is always the best place to begin!

The saddest and most magical part of improvisation is that you will never see the same thing twice. That is not true for this group. Beginning at the end of the story this group takes you to the beginning of how it all happened. Then they play the story out in chronological order. It’s a fun spin on a Memento that is perfect for those with short attention spans or people that think things are more funny the second time around.

The Quiet Kids: La Ronde – The Carousel of Comedy

The Quiet Kids is a fast-paced, 30-minute kitchen science experiment that takes full advantage of some of Voodoo Comedy Club School of Improv’s latest emerging talents and personalities. This rag-tag band of 9 on-call players includes character actors, hipster straight men, quietly witty improv ninjas, drama Vikings, and a literal comedy giant…he’s tall folks. Our show centers on the nail-biting drama of a La Ronde. One way or another, be prepared to wonder what you just saw and to enjoy the strange but awesome aftertaste of The Quiet Kids, a tang that handlebar mustachioed patrons are glad they got stuck in their flavor savors late at night when they get a craving for more.