Criminy & Third Kind (Improv Comedy)

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  • Next Date: January 29, 2020 8:00 PM
  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy
  • Price: $8 (+ $1 ticketing fee)

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Criminy (Improv Comedy) Criminy is agroup of hilarious performers coming together to improvise a comedic improvised show with only one long scene.

Cast:  Jim Clemens, Natalie Kilkenny, Josh Nicols, Lizz Mathews

Sharks and Rec

Sharks & Rec (Improv Comedy)

In improv comedy everything is fair game for Sharks and Rec….we explore the deep, we propel to great heights, and we take big bites out of this crazy thing called life. Improv is live theater without a script –everything you see is made up on the spot by the players onstage, like you, we have no idea what will happen on stage! We crusade through the Harold form striving for the perfect Harold!

Cast:  Matt Charpentier, Ann Crawford, Bill Eckler, Steven Fendrich, Kathrine Kosta, Randy Ohlson, Jake Pearse, Emma Salditt, John Steffan, TC McCracken