Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea

February 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm


A horror movie for people who spend 9 hours a day in short three-walled boxes surrounded by people who appear to be allergic or work.

Our coworkers are tasked to go on a team building event as a group.  The purpose is to have a somewhat contentious group of co-workers spend time together in a non-work environment in an attempt to make them stop complaining about each other around management, since management avoids managing inter-office personnel issues at all costs.  Studies have shown that management would rather light their faces on fire than deal fairly and evenly with their staff.

The original plan for our cubicle workers is to go to a historical, touristy haunted house.  The plan is replaced at the last minute with a trip to Suicide Manor, a place know for twisting normally somewhat sane people into joy hopping knife-wielders.  Nothing says stop chewing ice at your desk all day like chasing each other with sharp objects.  While a few decide killing people is awesome, the others fight to not be killed by people who watch videos of people big hit by large clown objects on the internet all day.

Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea is an independent horror movie filmed entirely in Denver, Colorado. All proceeds will be donated to the Animal Rescue of the Rockies. Thank you!

See the trailer below:

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