AUDITIONS: Who’s Who at the Voodoo (coached by Josh Nicols)

March 10, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Josh Nicols

Auditions at the Voodoo Comedy PlayhouseShow Info: Who’s Who at The Voodoo is a new Armando style improv team being coached by our new Artistic Director Josh Nicols.

Show slots: 9pm on the First Friday of each month (missing May for the EDIT Fest). Our first show will be April 5th at 9pm.

Rehearsal Times: 330pm-530pm every Sunday at The Voodoo. Our first Rehearsal will be 3/17 (St. Patricks Day).

Please don’t audition if you can’t commit to these times.

Casting Info: We will be casting between 6-8 performers. Everyone will be considered but we are eager to cast with representation as a priority.

If these auditions yield enough to field the team, performers who made the team will find out this coming week. Every one who didn’t get placement on the team will be informed via email and upon request be given feedback as to why.

Audition Info: You only need to audition on one of the days. You can attend either or both. Those auditioning are asked to be there the entire audition as it will be a group audition. Coming late or having leaving early doesn’t preclude you from being cast.

Sorry, if you can’t attend one of these audition dates, you will not be considered but rest assured there will more auditions in the future.

The Audition will consist of a bonding warm up and a series of scenes with occasional side coaching. Dress comfortably, be supportive and have a good time.

Play style: The team will focus on connected, playful, emotional improv with fun characters on stage and an emphasis on bonding off stage.

Email with any questions.

Thank you.

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