Assorted Cheeses w/ Rowdy Town (Improv Comedy)

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Assorted Cheeses w/ Dr. Bitslinger - Improv Comedy Assorted Cheeses: A delicious spread of improv

Make room for a delicious spread of improv! Assorted Cheeses brings you laughs and great entertainment from Voodoo’s recently-graduated level 5 improv class. We perform the La Ronde form of improv, which puts a diverse cast of characters in some crazy situations together. So grab yourself and glass of wine and a big stack of crackers—it’s gonna be cheesy!

MSU Denver Rowdy Town w/ Slackline - Improv Comedy Rowdy Town is Metropolitan State University of Denver’s is very own improv team. Rowdy town specializes in long form storytelling and ensures to provide a fantastic and entertaining evening for everyone to enjoy!

Cast:  Addy Himle, Kayla Smith, Reino Harsh, Ian Hatton, Nick Hanberry-Lizzi