Assorted Cheeses w/ Mirth Quake (Improv Comedy)

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Assorted Cheeses w/ Dr. Bitslinger - Improv Comedy Assorted Cheeses: A delicious spread of improv

Make room for a delicious spread of improv! Assorted Cheeses brings you laughs and great entertainment from Voodoo’s recently-graduated level 5 improv class. We perform the La Ronde form of improv, which puts a diverse cast of characters in some crazy situations together. So grab yourself and glass of wine and a big stack of crackers—it’s gonna be cheesy!

Mirth Quake (Improv Comedy) Mirth Quake: Where detention meets summer school.

Ever seen two shameless fools play games of deception and trickery? Jake and Stephen play a variety of different games all based on audience suggestions. Sometime they bring audience members on the stage and will soon be at their mercy! Come ready to get shocked and tickled with these two and their shenanigans.