Assorted Cheeses w/ Dr. Bitslinger (Improv Comedy)

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Assorted Cheeses: A delicious spread of improv

Make room for a delicious spread of improv! Assorted Cheeses brings you laughs and great entertainment from Voodoo’s recently-graduated level 5 improv class. We perform the La Ronde form of improv, which puts a diverse cast of characters in some crazy situations together. So grab yourself and glass of wine and a big stack of crackers—it’s gonna be cheesy!

Dr. Bitslinger: Hilariously embarrassing living room stories

Dr. Bitslinger is an improv group that does a Chicago style living room. Started from an audience suggestion, we’ll recall our wildest real life experiences and create short improvised bits inspired from these stories.

Amongst the group, we have experience as an ice cream truck driver and one of us had the tip of her finger bitten off by a bear. One of us was pants for Halloween, and another pooped her pants on her way to a job interview. You’ll be sure to hear something humiliating and inspiring.