Andy Alder: Start Strong (Improv Workshop)

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy
  • Instructor(s): Andy Alder

This workshop is FREE.  No advance signup needed, just show up and play!

The first few moments of the scene or game can either start you off with a good foundation for success, or give a shaky structure of indecision and confusion leading to extra time digging out of a hole. Confident, specific decisions are key to establishing good communication with your partner, your team, and with yourself. Clarity through choice. Character and relationships, emotion and presence, physical environment and subtle/specific interactions. All of these are levers to help generate positive opportunities for you and your team. We’ll explore techniques to start off in ways to increase confidence and opportunity.

Andy Alder grew up in a small town in Kansas and discovered improv in college by taking a class with what he was told had “no homework” (the person was wrong). It changed his life. Since then he’s been performing, teaching and writing for over 20 years. Most recently, he spent 15 years in the SF Bay area, where he performed with ComedySportz of San Jose and various other groups. At CSz he was the team director, co-creator of several shows and an advanced training program, coach and instructor of both short and long form styles. Andy’s style of play centers on relationship, authenticity, and connection. He’s teaching style is one of support, depth, creative approaches and challenges to help each student explore and develop. He recently moved to Colorado with his wife and is excited to join the incredible Denver community.