Accidentally Psychic

January 29, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm
$8 advance, $10 door (plus ticketing fees)

Horse is not my Spirit Animal.

Willow Bradner is Accidentally Psychic.

When those who had crossed over showed up on her wedding night Willow knew she had to get a grip on this weird psychic super power. Today she weaves her coming out psychic story through humor while tearing down the ultra spiritual horse-sh*t one gluten free muffin at a time.

“The truth is, I never really fit in anyones box, the name Willow creates an assumption that I lived with my whole life so I became a capitalist trying to avoid the hippie comparison, then suddenly I am psychic and I have to go get trained by a bunch of dogmatic, ultra-spiritual types who think because I am named Willow I will be as weird as they are… and I am weird… but not like a scarf wearing, crystal singing, meditating, levitating weirdo! I’m just funny, and that doesn’t fit here either.”

After years of doing big group psychic medium readings one thing kept showing up, laughter through tears, so here it is, Willow unplugged.

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