2019 EDIT Festival: Mentally (Ch)ill, The Operatives, Mess Can, Improv Cabaret (Improv Comedy)

Event Details

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Mentally (ch)ill

It’s an improv team! Talking about mental illness! And how it’s so hard but no one likes to bother anyone
about it! Well prepared to be bothered, sorry not sorry, pals.

The Operatives

Allison Learned & Joy Carletti take a simple question and turn it into giant characters in bizarre situations – with a nugget of truth.

Mess Can

Hailing from Denver, Mess Can is a team and idea conceived on the last night of the very first Camp Improv Utopia – Yosemite. We attempt a form that we try to get right. We rehearse regularly, but only after we are fully caught up on how we are all doing and how we feel about current events. We care about and support each other unconditionally, and this part is always true. This is our very first festival performance, and we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks so much for having us!

Improv Cabaret

Improv Cabaret takes inspiration from Broadway hits like Cabaret and Chicago as well as other works choreographed and inspired by Bob Fosse (MJ’s moonwalk, Beyoncé’s single ladies & wild 60s dancing) to create our very own fully improvised musical. Each show relies on audience suggestions and selections to create a one-time-only extravaganza of singing, dancing and characters you’ll never forget. The cast is proud to be entering our 5th year as a resident show at the Bovine Metropolis Theatre. We are jazzy. We are dark. We are sexy. We are Improv Cabaret.