2019 EDIT Festival: Festival Ensemble, Babe-R Shop Quartets, Notorious V.A.G., BAUS (Improv Comedy)

Event Details

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  • Venue: Voodoo Comedy

Babe-R Shop Quartets

Babe-R Shop Quartets is a new musical improv group in the Denver area. Formed out of a group of like-minded individuals taking classes together at the Bovine Metropolis Theater, taught by Kat Bond, we play games and create new songs based on suggestions from the audience.

Notorious V.A.G.

The Notorious V.A.G. is a Denver-based all-female improv group that performs long-form improv. Using
the close-quarters form, these ladies create intricate and entertaining narratives in one location. Whether
it’s a hospital or convention center, you’ll be sure to see some rich character work and solid relationships!


Jessica Austgen and Lauren Bahlman have been performing together on stages around the Denver metro Area since 2011. They decided to go rogue and form a duo when they realized they shared a deep love of Broadway musicals, Wes Anderson movies and wordy, nerdy books.